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Archived Post 10-05-2011 06:51 PM

Bug in Immunize Local Colonies Assignment success rates?
Got a duty officer assignment within the Delta Volanis Cluster to Immunize Local Colonies Against Sythnococcus Novae. Success rate without anyone slotted is 23% Critical 76% Success, 1% disaster. It requires two officers, the first slot require Medical, naturally, but provides no bonus at all it only lists a negative of Unscrupulous for Disaster. So any doctor you slot in there provides nothing at all. The second slot can be Any Officer with a bonus to success and critical success for Medical, Science, or Quartermaster and increased disaster rate with Unscrupulous again. Slotting in a Doctor, and either another Medical or Science leaves the success rate at 23% critical (No bonus despite medical or science being slotted in the second spot), 77% Success (Only a 1% bonus) and 0% Disaster (That's right no chance for anything going wrong). Seems like these numbers are waaay too high to begin with and that the first slot should have the same bonuses attached well as the negative that the second slot provides.

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