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Archived Post 10-06-2011 01:20 PM

remove refinement limits from gold members.
I don't think it's going to be a good idea to force players to log in everyday in order to progress. I'm not going to comment on the cost of things, but just the simple fact that with this system, unless I log in every day I am going to lose progression time.

That's irritating to no end, a game should not be made to feel like an obligation, but with this system unless I log in and refine my dilithium every day, I'm going to fall behind.

For subscribers, perhaps making the dilithium auto refine every day even if they are offline, or having no refinement limits would be a huge incentive to subscribe, and would also not force loyal subscribers into making STO a part time job.

We all have lives outside of the game, and some days it's more important to spend time with family than to log in and refine ore, some of us also have occupations that don't give us daily acess to the internet, or are even at home. If I have to start working in a quick log in daily to get my character the gear I want, STO is not going to remain on my hard drive for very long

Archived Post 10-06-2011 01:23 PM

I could see the refinement limits taken away as a huge bonus to Subscribers. +1 this idea.

Edit: Maybe they can shed some light on what the event are going to be that allow us to exceed this amount.

Archived Post 10-06-2011 01:26 PM

8000 per day when consoles and stuff are 20000+?

You know I could hit a new rank, spend a few hours in one day doing Exploration and be on my way. Subscribers are getting hit with this nonsense? This *is* beginning to look more and more like a perfect world game.

Next stop, gambling for my Phaser Array +7....

Archived Post 10-06-2011 01:27 PM

Guys don't petitition this, just request it, devs in many game companies frown upon these things. I am in agreement, Gold members should be alotted a larger refinement per day or no limit. The 8k limit is bad enough to be honest with 18 days required to gain a single Mark XI weapon.

Mark XI equipment is faster obtained through Crafting and PvE content on difficulty settings.

Archived Post 10-06-2011 02:17 PM

Yeah I can see why they have a limit, but the auto refine for subs, and a higher limit would be nice :D

Archived Post 10-06-2011 02:27 PM

Agreed, the numbers just don't add up.

Archived Post 10-06-2011 02:30 PM

As this is the first testing-pass on the "refinement" model, I'm sure that it's far from the final conversion numbers. I'll bet that they're starting low and will work upward, as they cannot go the other way (without setting false expectations and upsetting people).

....But seriously, it has to. Because the minimal amount of refinement and the expense of equipment just won't fly at all. :p

Archived Post 10-06-2011 02:40 PM

Just thought of something
Okay number one, subscribers should get a free ship every level just like we ALWAYS did. If they give subs the amount of dilithuim that is the price of the ship, or discount it for subs, or give us a ship token, i don't really care. But the NEED to do one of the three. As for the 8,000 dilituim ore refinement a day, you people are forgetting one VERY big thing {I hope :rolleyes:}

You get already Refined Dilithum for alot of missions too. So that, plus the 8,000 a day, will hopefully make it reasonable. I don't know if this will be true, but it seem like everyone thinks the Maximum REFINED dilithium you can get a day is 8,000.

I don't think this is true. I think this is the maximum UNREFINED dilithium you can REFINE a day. Just saying :D

Archived Post 10-06-2011 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by Commander_Prescott
Okay number one, subscribers should get a free ship every level just like we ALWAYS did. If they give subs the amount of dilithuim that is the price of the ship, or discount it for subs, or give us a ship token, i don't really care.

Yes, 1000 times yes

Archived Post 10-06-2011 03:04 PM

Speaking of Mark 11 gear. The notion that Crafting has been crapped on in favor of dilithium is going to irritate a lot of people, particularly those dedicated to crafting. If you want to include rarer materials in crafting that's fine, but dont' kill the system or make it inferior.

As for the limits it would be nice if you could set auto-refinement. I like that idea as well. Logging in each character just to make sure they're earning is also no way to have fun. If they want to sell so many character slots and races, they shouldn't make things which make it more difficult to play those than it already is.

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