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Archived Post 10-06-2011 09:08 PM

Free-to-play test server issues

I'm noticing a higher latency on this server I think it has to due with the amount of player activity on it on the holodeck and redshirt servers the latency is bad. On free-to-play test server i get disconnected often or get a server not responding. I understand that this is a test server and you guys want to test the free-to-play content. I felt that this issue is worth mentioning. I think this issue should be looked into to ensure the success of the deployment of the free-to-play content and the stability of the server as well when it goes live. The latency i have to say is about 600ms to 1200ms i've noticed I don't know what others are noticing. I just want to do my part in ensuring the free-to-play content is deployed bug free.

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