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Archived Post 10-06-2011 11:50 PM

[ISSUE] Move To Candidate Roster
Well, this may not be a bug per se, but this has happened to me twice now, where a duty assignment-rewarded BOFF that I (1) had no room on the Bridge for, and (2) did not choose to train up an ability with, was placed as an item directly into my inventory.

Through it's context menu I have the usual options for Equip, Info, Discard and now Move to Candidate Roster, however the other BOFFS already on the Candidate Roster do not have such an option for leaving the Candidate Roster. Is that intended? Was this intentional? If it's just a candidate pool, why can't it go the other way?

Also, the itemized rewarded BOFF is put automatically into the next available inventory slot, whichever that may be, and you cannot move it to any other slot (so for those that like tidy inventories, too bad!). I am also unable to move it from my inventory to a bank slot. If this BOFF itemization is intended, will we at least be able to move it about in our inventory? How about the bank?

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