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Archived Post 10-07-2011 07:29 AM

Derlict Ships arent so derlict
This was so amusing to encounter I almost didn't want to report it. I got a "Destroy derelict KDF ships' mission from the To'ong star cluster. The task was simple and fun: Swoop in, blow up disabled KDF ships and the occasional fed that I felt needed blowing up.

The bug occurred when I fired upon the first derelict ship. It moved! When the ships were fired upon, they would start moving and the fed ships would start firing on them. Some evil part of me wondered whether the federation prize crews were maneuvering the things or if the so-called 'derelict' ships were actually Klingons the KDF didn't want to bother with a prisoner exchange for.

"Look! A rescue ship!"

"It's arming disurptors..."

"Is it too late to tell Chancellor J'mpok I'm sorry?"

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