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Archived Post 10-10-2011 07:03 AM

Was just about to buy TPoints... when it occured to me
Realized if I bought C-Points and T-Points. What would happen if those characters on tribble (with the already spent points) were deleted by Cryptic again? When the TOONS were originally deleted on tribble it was fine as the C-Store was linked between Holodeck and Tribble.

Now that the Tribble C-Store is independent from holodeck; what happens to the T-Points and our unlocks when the characters are effectively deleted again? Are the points re-added back or are the unlocks in the tribble C-Store not affected by the TOONS being deleted in future?

As I'm sure you will all agree it is an important question; if the T-Points are temporarily then buying T-Points makes no sense regardless if we also get C-Points on top.

Are they temporary assignment points? I was thinking of getting 20 worth of points but then thought if they are temporary I could buy A LOT of temporary cornetto's which would last me considerably longer. :D

Archived Post 10-10-2011 07:12 AM

What you are doing is buying 20 quids worth of C-Store points and Cryptic is copying that to Tribble as Test points, so if they do delete the characters off Tribble, you will still have the C-Store points on Holodeck.

It was mentioned in the dev-blog that they were doing it that way.

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