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Archived Post 10-10-2011 09:01 PM

SFA History 101: Crouching Lesson, Hidden Computer
Tutorial: The game should have a well-done tutorial for History 101 (much like the revamped ones) -- and any new concepts -- as well as clearly marked locations. History 102 is fine -- you get the circle on the map. However, History 101 just tells you to go find the computer in SFA.

Aimless Wanderer: Aside from already being at SFA, I ended up walking about for a good 5-10 minutes like a dolt before I gave up and turned to the forums to find the library computer that apparently I'm too blind to spot on the map as a small orange triangle.

Short-term fix: Make the icon more distinguishable as a library computer and add the circle. Long-term fix: Both 101, 102 and any other future classes should be held in a classroom with an instructor, not in the Administration offices or some random outside wall.

Step 1, then Step 2: I blew the 102 mission with a guess, then ended up with a 19h wait. WT(bleep)? Should you be tested on questions that you haven't been given a relevant datachip for? 102 shouldn't be available until you've completed 101, and the question should be relevant to what's on the chip. I realize you could turn to the STO website for the answers (or Google) -- but the idea is to stay inside the game, right?

Star Trek lore trivia is another issue entirely. ;)

Sehlat Ate My PADD: Where do the datachips go? Commander Viala either doesn't explain or I missed it. I've searched throughout most of the UI to locate where the information is stored and couldn't find it. How about a PADD feature in the UI where these unlocked datachips can be viewed again?

Coincidentally, you could even make the PADD data for your Account (see Account-wide below) accessible via an iPhone-iPad/Android app in the future!

Account-wide Accolades: It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to start considering Account-wide Accolades at this point. The idea of having to unlock an infinite number of data chips -- on each toon. If that doesn't make your head hurt, it should.

Triage please!: At minimum, fix the Library Computer on the map so that its apparent where its at without having to zone spam or Google it. The rest is 'nice to have,' even if it is a 'should have.' ;) I get the pressure of deadlines.

All said and done: it's a great addition to STO.

EDIT: And I posted this here because Bug Reports always kicks back an error message in game.

lalair 11-10-2012 09:58 PM

Sorry to dredge up this old post but I am stuck as to what to do with the data chips to read the ST history.

I played STO in the first season and cancled my subsciption before S2 came out. When F2P was available, I logged in and found my toon at Star Fleet acadamy. That was cool, but I did not persue the game further. And then the lifetime membership recently went on sale and I signed up again to be a gold member. Now I have to learn to play all over again with all the added content that all you veterns have already blown thru..

It seems that the issues listed by the OP are still an issue, I am lost as what to do next after I got my data chip.

markhawkman 11-11-2012 04:40 AM

right click > use

if you can't use a chip it typically means you already used that one.

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