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Archived Post 10-11-2011 10:52 AM

unfair behavior of some people
hello I would like to submit a problem with two people found when you do the missions on otha, they are federal, like us, but they are a bug or a cheat enemies, they see us and although we clocked we do not.
beyond that lurk in the place where we are reborn, so as to give us the possibility nn 'to conclude the mission.
these people do not give as well as being unfair to the players to do missions, and above all are buggy since they are federal and are enemies to the feds.
I ask you and the GM of the game if these people can be punished in some way.
I await a response from GM in the game.

Archived Post 10-11-2011 11:28 AM

You should remove the personal information of the other players before you get an infraction here. It is against the forums rules to post private information, witch includes other players @handles.

Archived Post 10-11-2011 01:26 PM

*agrees with last post*

also some players have found little exploits here and there. You should submit a ticket for the broken mechanic that you have some proof they are abusing.

Archived Post 10-11-2011 04:00 PM

I take off the names but how do I make it known to all users of the game that these people are wrong?

Archived Post 10-11-2011 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by joker1374 (Post 3804155)
I take off the names but how do I make it known to all users of the game that these people are wrong?

You could spam in zone or let it be known in OPvP channel we have long memories.

Archived Post 10-11-2011 04:14 PM

Well, you kinda don't.

Also "fair" is subjective. That's why we as a fun-munity talk about policing ourselves and our fleets.

All in all it may be seen as unfair or cheating to you, but unless there is something mechanically wrong in the game you are pretty much at a loss. If you do however have proof that someone is doing something beyond the mechanics of the game you should write a ticket to gm with info.

Archived Post 10-11-2011 04:27 PM

This so called bug also exists in Kerrat as well. Perhaps you should learn how to play ground and defend yourself. After all Otha is an "OPEN" pvp WAR zone. See you on the battlefield.

Archived Post 10-11-2011 06:05 PM

To Joker1374, I suggest you go into Otha (during prime-time hours) with 2 fleetmates or friends and always keep a lookout for stealthed players while accomplishing the mission objective. There are some who enjoy creeping up behind unsuspecting captains or even camping the beam in point. Incapacitating them several times, or going to stealth yourself will motivate them to move along.

Archived Post 10-12-2011 01:52 AM

The ticket to the GM and 'opened by me and another member of my fleet, but I find that there is no answer, are months that these people continue to disturb

Archived Post 10-12-2011 02:00 AM

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Your e 'a good idea, but they are bugged by federal and federal are enemies I use a dishonest thing to the players ....

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