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Archived Post 10-12-2011 01:09 PM

KDF More boring that B4
I resubed this month to try the KDF (F2P) and its more boring than before. Boring unchallenging PvE no PvP. I really wast expecting alot but I am so under whelmed from that I dont even know where to start.

IMO the devs continually mis read the Klingon players mind set. We are warriors looking for a challenge. We wanted a real war not borring PvE (id take good PvE over the borring repetitive PvP maps, but NO). The way this is looking if you do not add a "neutral zone" where we can have our meaningfull war 3-6mo after F2P the klingons will drop to the same population it is now.

Archived Post 10-12-2011 03:33 PM

We really do need pvp events or something, PVP is dead on live servers with hours fo waiting to get one match, and it looks almost non existant on tribble as well.

The interface is awful, further segmenting and confusing getting into a match.

We need a system where one of the game types is worth more rewards for a week and it rotates to get interest going, then we also need a much better queue interface, there should be a one button click for each game type and it auto matches you to other in line, and then a queue for all button that just makes the next full game pop up.

We can already make challenges on our own so we don't need all these options that split all the players apart, this is a big issue when free to play comes and people hit the pvp tab and see a mess of game modes and player counts.

Archived Post 10-12-2011 04:39 PM

Cryptic has said many, many times that the Klingons as they exist on Triibble are meant to a placeholder faction. They compressed a 47 level grind into a 32 level grind so that the leveling doesn't feel so barren until they finish and add a complete 1-51 PvE story campaign for the Klingons.

Though I do agree that adding three buttons to the various queue windows would be nice: "Queue all" "Queue Space" and "Queue Ground" so you can just get into the next available game.

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