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Archived Post 10-13-2011 07:30 AM

Storyline Mission Reward
I noticed that storlline missions are now based on player level. Which is not bad at all. The bad thing is that those missions still give the same loot like they are suposed to do on holodeck. The problem with that ist that after I finished the former Devedian Featured Episode" the mission reward is one rank below of what I needet. I have no problem to fight enemys at my level, but I expect to be properly rewardet at the end of the mission. Thats why i did the Sector patrol missions first. Itīs hard to be a Rear Admiral lower half at the Klingon front, fight Klingons at my own level and get MK III stuff.

This happens only with the old fashioned misions that havnīt changed much since release.

Archived Post 10-13-2011 09:25 AM

Those missions are also giving out a lot more xp than normal to accelerate levelling on Tribble at the moment. This won't be the case once it goes live and xp is normalized again. They aren't going to rework the rewards for all those missions based on a temporary xp increase for testing.

Archived Post 10-13-2011 11:23 AM

They still need to change it. For the simple reason that the new system is setup so that the missions should be challenging -and rewarding- for any level. This means that if you level in pvp or through events and then get a hankering for a story mission, it should reward you at your level since the challenge is at that level.

The drops are level appropriate; the rewards should be also otherwise there is a strong disincentive to play them, especially since you are -forced- to play them in order now.

Archived Post 10-13-2011 11:53 AM

The problem with that is many players might put off playing the story missions until VA just so they can get certain items that are meant to be used and then outleveled before reaching VA level. Many story mission rewards are unique and powerful, but balanced by being of a set level. In order to accomodate a level based reward, many of those special items would have to be reworked or eliminated completely. What is being suggested by this thread sounds good on paper but is just not practical.

Archived Post 10-13-2011 02:23 PM

My original problem is that they insertet some missions into the storyline which have been Featured episodes before. Yo start the Story. You follow it until you reach LT5. The Reward is an MK II item. Suddenly you do what was a featured episode before, because the story demands it. You do those Missions, and because you have to do them. You get your first daly missions too and you do them as well because you know you will need the dilithium. Then you come to the point where you reach the "old story again. You are LT 9 or LC 1 and your missionreward is an MK III item. In this levelrange you dont have the energycredits to buy something nice of finance you crafting skill to keep you ship top equiped. You do missions that reward you with stuff you need. I was Rear Admiral Lower Half 1 when I wnet back to the klingon frontline. OK, it is a beta and yes we earn a lot more XP than on tribble, but I am shure I can reach CM5 or even Cap 1 on Holodec that way. So there is no reason to do the story before i can afford buying my stuff and do the story just 4 fun. Just for 4 ant because I canīt do the BīTran Missions before the story allows ist.

In my opinion the story should be fun that can be affordet by all captains and not a duty that has to ben done or you never see the Task Force missions.

Archived Post 10-13-2011 03:42 PM

@Lynerunner: sorry I don't agree. What rewards do you mean? I can't think of anything that is purple; they're all blue and in general even at Mark XI not better than the aegis or borg set or emblem level equipment.

The only items that are really great, like the type 3 phaser rifle, already reward at the level your at. There's nothing I would go back for at VA, but if I was a Captain, it would be nice to get that blue Mark VII armor rather than Mark IV, even with the same buffs.

If they didn't force you to play through the missions in a set order, I would see your point, because you could jump ahead. But now that the enemies level up with you, the rewards should as well.

Archived Post 11-04-2011 12:39 AM

I also have to agree with xdevnull that Lynerunner's argument just doesn't make sense.

For instance, all of the Feature Episode mission are set to a level-appropriate mark, even though some of them are unique.

If the mission progression is to make any sense at all as one thread that takes you through an extended play experience, then letting the rewards fall behind the progression permanently removes any motivation to ever finish playing through them. Being rewarded with something that is utterly useless for the remainder of the character's progression is incredibly annoying and unmotivating.

The ideal in this rework is to give us lots of ways to advance through the ranks. Some may do DOFF missions constantly, others may focus on fleet actions, or patrol missions, or PvP. Don't punish everyone who doesn't just play through the primary missions first to the exclusion of all other options!

Personally, this is really adversely affecting my enjoyment of leveling up my Tribble character already. I hardly want to play those missions at all. :mad:

Archived Post 11-04-2011 01:34 AM


Originally Posted by AstroRobLA (Post 3845743)
IPersonally, this is really adversely affecting my enjoyment of leveling up my Tribble character already. I hardly want to play those missions at all. :mad:

But you have to do it. Without playing them you will never enter Borg Space. You canīt do te Elite Missions and you canīt finish the raceevent.

Archived Post 11-04-2011 08:55 AM

RE: Storyline Mission Rewards
I too have posted about this issue on this forum. The main problem is that the weekly series missions have now been inserted (almost haphazardly) into the original storyline path without re-adjusting the rewards, skill points, and BO skill points accordingly. The impact is that if you complete an original storyline mission, you'll get meager rewards and skill points, but when you complete the weekly series missions you receive a larger than normal XP reward. This tends to level the character beyond the level of the next batch of "original" storyline missions, which in-turn means that your reward may be several levels below your actual rank. (i.e. receiving MK-III gear when you are at captain.

Before this version of the game goes live, all of the rewards and skill points will need to be re-adjusted accordingly so that character progression is more linear and fluid that what it currently is on Tribble.

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