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88th Fleet
Welcome to the Recruitment Home of the 88th Fleet

Our website:

We are founded on a few basic principles:

No Egos, No Drama, No BS - We've all been members of fleets in the past where there was nothing but complaining, huge egos, and feuding. This is a game, we are supposed to be having fun! Now does this mean we are not going to play practical jokes or have some good natured fun at your expense? Heck no! This isn't a countryclub (unless it is Bushwood). Instigators and agitators need not apply. Three strike rule.

Show Respect - Whether you are dealing with a fleet member or someone in general, show respect. Your actions not only reflect on yourself, but on the 88th as well.

Team Member Mentality - Everyone pitches in to help the fleet, whether we need mats for the bank, a teammate needs help completing a mission, or wants to review their ship build. If you are on a PVP team, you follow your Team Leaders calls for target, heals, and strategy. This also applies to STF's.

Fleet 1st - your fleetmates come first before non fleet members. If you are running a Special Task Force or other mission, and need a 5th member of the team, you take a fleetmate who wants to join before a pug.

Drive to be the Best - Whether you are a new player or in game since Beta, we are looking for people who want to be the best! We are willing to work hand in hand with you to get you to the level you want to be.

There are some basic requirements to be met to be a member of the 88th.
21+ only. We do not want hails from your Mom because we kept you up late. Hails from your wife will be directed to their repsective husbands. No hiding in your Ready Room!

Voice Communication - This is a requirement for all PVP and STF's. It is not required that you speak, but it is required that you can listen to instructions. While you are not required to be on voice on an everyday basis, we do recommend this because you can miss alot of fun times.

Website Registration - We require that you register with our fleet website. We use this tool for out of game communication and other fun events, but you will not be required to post (but hopefully you do, as this is why we have one).

What we can offer you:

STFs - Every member of our roster has completed all of the STFs, some numerous times. We can get you through the missions without worrying about being dropped from the team midway. Everyone is looking forward to the new STF gear that will be available, we will be running these missions multiple times to get the best stuff. If you want to run a STF with us, and we have an opening on the team, you can run it with us prior to joining the fleet so we can show you how we work.

PVP - Do you like PVP? Do you want to join a premade team for space and ground combat? Do you just like to dip your toe in the proverbial PVP pool once in awhile. Do you hate PVP with a passion? Any of these is fine, but for premade participation you will be required to spec your build to suit team tactics and strategy. If not, we'll have fun doing intra fleet PVP as well or just killing NPCs.

PVE - All of the current fleet members have several VAs and LT Generals, so if you have a problem, question, or need help, just ask!

Fleet Actions - Feel like grouping up and taking on Starbase 24? Like to beat the Klingon Scout Force? Herd some Gekli? We have weekly events set up to make the most of this desire.

Crafting - We have several crafters available to make the gear you want. All we ask is you contribute mats to the bank to replenish what you used.

Merit Based Promotion - We want to get the best to be a part of the 88th and make it successful, to do this we want people to contribute and work their way up the ranks and make an impact

Every Member has a Voice - Your input is asked for and appreciated! You want to set up certain events? Have an idea on fleet structure? The fleet leadership is approachable by all members, no matter what rank or time in the fleet.

At the end of the day we all have real lives, so you will never be asked to make the game more important than the real world.

If you are interested in applying to the 88th, or you are another fleet looking for an alliance, please feel free to visit our website

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Reserved for future

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reserved for future

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Looking for players of all levels of experience. Looking for candidates to fill officer positions as well.

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Looking to have fun in pvp tonight

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Crappy day outside. Great day to play STO!

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Join the 88th today!

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Looking for good people to join the 88th.

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Looking for someone with knowledge of demo record to produce a recruitment video for the 88th. Said person will be offered a ranked position within the fleet for their services. Please apply on our website or send me an in game email.

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Join the 88th today

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