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Archived Post 10-14-2011 08:19 AM

Simple request of events to make things fair for KDF
Just something I've noticed on my Klingon with the new events calender as it rotates through.

At certain times two events start: Mirror KDF and the Multiphasic Event. Both of these last an hour. At the end of that hour it cycles through to the Federation Mirror event.

Now, for the Federation this is good. While the Klingons are doing their event the Feds can go out farming data samples. But for the Klingons it's not so good, as they need to decide: Do I get XP from the mirror event, or do I stockpile for crafting?

Now, right at this moment it's not a big deal since the crafting system is bjorked anyways, but once that goes live, Klingon players would find themselves really having to face that decision. (especially given how great the Mirror event XP is)

And it would be very easy to fix, IMHO. Just extend the Multiphasic event to 2 hours. Then, the klinks don't get left in the cold while the Feds are hunting mirror humans.

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