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Archived Post 10-14-2011 08:40 AM

No Basic cannons?
So I got to LC1 with my test tactical character and got a Saber class and it came with its basic gear including a set of dual cannons. Unfortunately when I pulled them out to test out something and tried to slot them back in it said I didn't meet the requirements (glitch or something) so eventually I armed my ship with beams and tossed out the cannons as bugged and intended to buy a basic set from the shipyard to try again later.

Low and behold I find the shipyard doesn't sell ANY kind of cannons for any level! Where can I get cannons? Do I have to grind crafting just to make a set of lower tier cannons? Do they sell lower level cannons for dilithium somewhere? I hope someone knows so I'm not wasting time flying all over on a wild goose chase. Thanks!

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