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Archived Post 10-14-2011 08:31 PM

Starship Weapons Calculator
Introducing The Starship WeaponsCalculator

The Starship Weapons Calculator is based on my previous Weapon Scaling Tests. After many hours of testing, I have finally amassed enough data to create a simple tool for calculating the DPS of various weapon combinations.

With this program you can enter any combination of weapons, and the calculator will determine the firing arcs relevant to your build, and the relative DPS of each one. In addition, you can compare two builds to one another, see the impact of activating certain weapon skills, and even view a graph of your DPS results. Screenshot of the Starship Weapons Calculator in action.

About The Calculator
Initially I intended to create a simple spreadsheet to serve as the calculator, similar to PatricianVetinari's Ship Power Level Calculator, however it turned out that spreadsheet programs lacked the necessary complexity to achieve my vision. As a result I turned to Visual Basic 6.0 to create the calculator, since I had some limited Basic programming knowledge and an old copy of Visual Basic that had been given to me by a friend. Since I'm a self taught Basic programmer, some of the code probably isn't optimal, but it's good enough to get the job done for this simple program.

The current version of the calculator is 4.0. Please let me know if you find any bugs, or have any complaints about the user interface. Once I gather some feedback I will release a full version, although the current beta should be fully functional in every important way.

How Does The Calculator Work?
It would simply be impossible to test every possible combination of weapons, so the calculator is only made possible by the fact that I discovered you could get very accurate figures by averaging different weapon tests together. In a nutshell that is how the calculator derives different build results.

How Accurate Is The Calculator?
Considering all of the intricacies of the combat system I was initially skeptical that this approach would work, but the calculator is actually quite accurate. In most cases the difference between the calculated DPS output and the actual in-game DPS is less than 1%.

That slight difference can be explained by the fact that in any given test run there is some margin of error. It's even possible to tell from looking at my scaling charts that some of the results are not 100% exact (some of the curves aren't completely smooth). But, at some point you have to say "this is good enough". I'm sure that with a lot more testing I could reduce the margin of error further, but for almost everyone's purposes, the current accuracy should be more than sufficient.

Understanding Relative DPS
By default, the calculator measures DPS results in what I have dubbed "Relative DPS". Basically what this means is that the damage from all weapons is measured against that of a single Beam Array at 100 weapon power, which is set to 100 DPS. If a weapon/power combination does five times as much damage as said Beam Array, then the DPS figure will be 500. If a weapon/power combination does half as much damage, then its DPS will be 50, and so on.

The reason for using Relative DPS is so that the results are general enough to be used easily at every tier and every skill level, with a minimum of input from the user. The calculator is capable of figuring your actual damage output, but in order to get an accurate result you need to enter your exact skill and console bonuses. Using Relative DPS avoids this hassle, because the calculator can simply tell you how specific builds stack up against one another when all things are equal (including skill level, consoles and weapon marks).

For an easy comparison, I recommend sticking to Relative DPS. But, for those who want results that most accurately reflect in-game damage, you may fully customize the program's parameters in the Advanced Settings.

Using The Calculator
The calculator should be fairly intuitive to use, but if you have any questions, please read the included documentation, which you can access from the About window (accessible from the extended options), or by opening the ReadMe located in the program's folder, and also available online at this link.

Downloading The Calculator
Starship Weapons Calculator Download Page

Archived Post 10-14-2011 08:33 PM

Current Release v 4.0 (10/14/11)

Change Log

Changes v 4.0 (10/14/11)
  • The program version has been updated to reflect the current season of STO the calculator is accurate for. As a result, the current version is now v 4.0, as the changes for S4 are now reflected in the program.
  • Torpedo Spread has been updated to reflect the recent changes to the power.
  • Beam: Fire At Will has been updated to reflect the recent changes to the power.
  • The weapon rarity damage bonus is now reflected when using the advanced settings.
  • Changes have been made to fix the bug that prevented the program from opening.
  • Final Frontier font now must be installed with the program for it to display properly.
  • Images are now loaded from the program folder, rather than stored in the executable, improving load times.
  • Due to these changes the "stand alone" version has been discontinued.
  • The T4 Raptor image is now accurate. Thanks again to Spider Mitch for allowing me to use his images!

Known Issues
  • Tricobalt Torpedo damage may not be being calculated accurately.

Previous Changes

Archived Post 10-14-2011 10:13 PM

The Starship Weapons Calculator has now been updated to reflect the changes in Season 4, as well as to fix some bugs associated with the program (specifically the issues that prevented it from opening for some people).

Sorry for taking so long to update the program. I could have gotten the S4 changes out sooner, but I wanted to also address the technical problems before releasing a new version. Another small update will be coming soon which will slightly alter the accuracy calculations to reflect the actual code used in the game (in practice the difference shouldn't really be that big), as well as include a couple of ships that have been added since the last update in March.

I see that a lot of changes are being made on Tribble, but I'm going to hold off on updating the program until the changes are finalized. It's a lot easier that way, since I don't have to keep updating the program over and over again with each change.

Archived Post 10-14-2011 10:15 PM

On a side note, if you like my program, please consider showing your appreciation by playing my Foundry mission, Dereliction Duty, which is linked in my signature. :D

/shameless plug

Archived Post 10-14-2011 10:19 PM


New version? cool. I will check it out tomorrow. I always loved your Program.

You know what might be a good idea to implement in your Program? A calculation based on your (energy?) weapons to see how much total DPS you do in a timeframe of ... 1 minute? Depending on your abilities/Cooldown etc. I've actually done this myself in Documents and stuff, but that's getting tiresome after a while ^^

Btw; a few days ago I released the latest version (At that time) and somehow the program hangs at the Graphics Screen (Splash screen). While this Windows 7 is a clean installation with all updates :/

And do we now, finally, know if Beams have more inherit accuracy then Cannons? and how about torpedo's? trico's? I never got a feeling Acc x3 on a trico was really any different for instance. Cheers!

Archived Post 10-16-2011 12:17 PM

Awesome little program u got there, any word on when the quad cannons will be added?

Archived Post 10-16-2011 04:25 PM

Posted in the other thread before I saw your redirect.

Originally Posted by Nagorak (Post 3811558)
A lot of powers aren't included because I don't know exactly how they work/how to integrate them into the program. In theory I understand how Nadion Inversion works, but determining how much it affects dps output in practice can be a bit more tricky.

In this specific case the problem is that Nadion inversion halves the energy use of weapons. It's not really practical for me to retest all the weapons using Nadion Inversion (too time consuming, and also the power doesn't last long enough to be easily tested). So I'm left with estimating the effect, which I could do by just halving the number of weapons being fired when making the calculations, but then what do I do when it's an odd number of weapons?

I suppose I could average the results of one more and one less weapon, but at that point I'm not sure how accurate the figures would actually be. In general I don't want to mislead people into thinking something is better/worse than it really is, so when in doubt, I just leave it out. That said, I'll think about including Nadion Inversion with some sort of warning that it's just an estimation.

My Engineer can get Nadion Inversion to 82%+. I can fire 8 beams, all at 125 power...

Archived Post 10-17-2011 04:33 AM


Originally Posted by atatassault (Post 3813800)
My Engineer can get Nadion Inversion to 82%+. I can fire 8 beams, all at 125 power...

Well, tell you what, I'll look into it and see if I can figure out how to integrate it into the program. I'd say the odds are maybe only 50/50 though. It's just too hard to predict exactly how certain powers affect the diminishing returns from power drain (everything is based off of my weapon test data, so I can't just make things up on the fly, I have to actually come up with a fairly close estimate of how things work). However, I've been surprised in the past at how well you can calculate things based off of the data I gathered in my weapons tests, so it's possible it may work.

What I'll do is figure out how the skill scales and then try to come up with an equation that estimates the power drain reduction in the calculator. Then I'll run a few tests and see if the actual results are anywhere near the predicted results. If they are, then I'll include the power in a future update. If the results don't match at all, then obviously I can't include it.

Even if it does work out, it might be a while before I have the chance to include it in the program. I have to finish the sequel to my Foundry mission first, which will probably take me at least a couple of weeks. After that I can try to do a few program updates.

Archived Post 10-25-2011 01:00 PM

I was wondering if you could work in the dps (not burst but actual dps) for photon torpedo launchers. I've noticed using two of them with two dual heavy cannons seems two work better for dps then an all energy weapons set up. I know it would be difficult since you would need to have a hull/shields comparison for dps. After all photon torpedo launcher does have almost twice the base DPS of a dual heavy cannon, even if it does deal less damage to shields.

Archived Post 10-26-2011 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by AwesomeMcGee
I was wondering if you could work in the dps (not burst but actual dps) for photon torpedo launchers. I've noticed using two of them with two dual heavy cannons seems two work better for dps then an all energy weapons set up. I know it would be difficult since you would need to have a hull/shields comparison for dps. After all photon torpedo launcher does have almost twice the base DPS of a dual heavy cannon, even if it does deal less damage to shields.

I'll take your suggestion into consideration, and see if I can come up with some way to present the info you're asking about. No promises, but I'll see what I can do.

That said, at this point I'm probably going to wait for the game to go F2P before making any major changes to the calculator. It seems like a lot of balance changes are taking place on Tribble, and I will probably event want to even run a few tests to verify the weapon scaling results remain the same after all the changes. There's just no point putting in a lot of work at this point, knowing that many things could be changing in the near future.

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