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Archived Post 10-14-2011 11:34 PM

Dashboard and Journal Suggestions
So far I like the idea of the dashboard. Here are a few things I found myself wishing were also there:

* A counter, maybe as a badge on the "In Progress" tab, showing how many missions I have completed and need to turn in. Or at least that I have missions to turn in.

* Some kind of summary of DOff activity here as well with a button to jump to the DOff panel from here like the calendar button for events. It could be a scroll gadget like today's events, starting with DOff missions (completed and in progress) in chronological order followed by available missions by level. Screen real estate may become a problem, but I'd be glad to have Ep/PVP/PVE smaller.

Related to the journal panel but not necessarily the dashboard:

* A separate tab for patrols

* Separation between the main arc and featured episodes. Adding FEs to the ends of different campaigns makes it look like you have to complete the man arcs before doing the FEs.

* A filter control that by default only shows active missions. Would be nice to have separate check boxes for completed, in progress, and available like some of the other panels have. Maybe separating the type of mission along the top (episodes, features, patrols, accolades, logs) with status as either a series of checkboxes beneath the tabs or along the left-hand side.

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