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What's it going to take, Cryptic?
I am new to the game and a huge Star Trek TV & movie fan. I have tried every major MMO out there but have avoided STO in the past because I heard it was buggy. Considering the time that has passed since the release and the fact that the Free To Play is likely to breathe new life into STO, I decided to check it out.

As an avid MMO player, I have been unpleasantly surprised and disappointed in the fit and finish of the game. I had to restart the game several times just to get out of the buggy training level and find that seems to be a normal course of action when questing later as well. Between unfinishable quest objectives, NPCs falling through maps and what appears to be several clones of my officers on my bridge (this isn't EVE online, right?), this game is quite frankly an embarrassment to the name of Star Trek.

Understand - I'm not a troll. I'm not threatening to /ragequit and I'm not trying to stir up crap. I am hoping to provide feedback so that you don't lose all the free to players a day into trying the game. I play daily. I play with my friends (12 of which I brought with me), and I tend to commit to a single game. Basically, I'm pretty much the bullseye in any MMO's target demographic. And I don't plan on sticking around if the F2P patch doesn't bring the game out of the buggy beta state it's in now. The day Rift was released to beta, it was already more solid than STO is now. By a lot.

Cryptic, F2P is going to give you a second chance. Take the time you need to fix things. Pay attention to the 82 page critical showstopper bug forum. I think there is a portion of players that will give you some latitude because of their love of Star Trek. But there's a limit. Please... PLEASE... Fix the game. There's too many AAA MMOs on the horizon - give us a reason to stay with yours.

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you might wanna split your post in parts there, otherwise some people won't read it because it's a wall of text. just saying :)

as for all the bugs, it's always been like that, ever since Beta. Cryptic's priorties are the major stuff (which at this moment are F2P stuff), then somwhere on the bottom, all these minor bugs.

don't get me wrong, they ARE trying to fix the bugs when they can, but there's a lot and they can't always fix them when they got a lot on their plate already.

i personally don't mind all the bugs btw

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...or in a somewhat more comprehensible fashion:

some kin of structure in you response would certainly help.
It is indeed very strainuous to read a single larger block of text without any paragraphs in it.

*EDIT: Trek17 beat me to it.*

On actual topic:

currently most of the resources Cryptic invests are going into the test server.
As a result most bug-fixing is applied there instead of the live-server.
So even if there is a fix you're not likely to see it until the build on the
tribble-f2p server goes to the live server.

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[quote=Ehnd]This post has been edited to remove content which violates the Cryptic Studios Community Rules and Policies. ~Stormshade

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I apologize Ehnd for the riff raff on the board

But you have a point, but please try to use good grammar and spelling, it leans better toward credibility, because it means you took time to make sure the post is good, which means you have attention to detail.

as far as your post ins concerned, yes you do have valid concerns, bugs that have existed for long time and yet to be fixed, a ticking system that seems to be the next best thing to limbo, I have submitted a fair share of tickets in trying to do exactly what the devs needed. and yet, no answer and no fixes.

Cryptic primary focus is getting out F2P right now, and along with the fact that alot of what they are proposing is of a heated nature with the community to say the least, and that's putting it mildly.

My hope is that will get resolved in way all parties can agree to, and to be honest, i hope they fix some of these long standing bugs, like the "klingon" label on the Sirius Sector border.

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Originally Posted by Brigadoom
Asking you to split your post up into easily-digestible paragraphs, rather than a solid wall of text, so that people might be more inclined to finish reading what you have to say, is not attacking you.

Actually, that was directed at Trekbaby. Trek17 had good advice that I appreciated and followed. Frankly, I was typing and playing at the same time and was paying more attention to not dying than I was to paragraph structure.

Like I said, I'm just trying to get a conversation going that catches Cryptic's attention. And if they fix the bugs, people will stay. And that benefits everyone.

I'm on your side here, folks ;-)

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I'm not trying to flame or troll here, but...

What are you people doing to break this game? I've been playing since it launced and what bugs I have encountered are few and far between. Like, months between. I've leveled many alts and so-forth so it's not like I just got lucky on my first play-through or anything.

So, what gives here?

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There is no way cryptic is going to do what it says it does.

They have been talking about a year now how they want to do weekly feature episodes or at least something similar.
We haven't seen any for 7 months and won't see it for another 3.
Then Dstahl and others in cryptic has said "We don't know about the future about the feature episodes". Whenever cryptic says things like that it is equivalent to a parent telling a child "maybe" or "ask your mother".
They won't give a definitive answer.

How about the remastered episodes? All are due in 4 months. Any definitive answer as to how those are going?

How about F2P? Oh a definitive answer on that, i see.
Cstore stuff? Yep. Alot of info on that.

Content? Nah.

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