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Archived Post 10-21-2011 01:11 PM

Unnecessary Galaxy X antennas with Venture-costume?!
Hi there, I want to report a bug which is really unnecessary and annoying.

I really like the Galaxy X, its a perfect ship, especially with the new tac console which is allready implemented on tribble and with the venture costume it looks awesome!!

But when I use that costume, it don't use the antennas as cannon-launcher, like it has to be! It fires simply out of the saucer.

Please handle that! Thanks

Archived Post 10-21-2011 01:33 PM

You are right, I use that venture too and its a nuisance. Please fix it!

Archived Post 10-23-2011 12:47 AM

I also fly around with the Venture X and must say it where pretty nice if you could handle this little thing pls:)

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