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Archived Post 10-26-2011 04:46 PM

Still getting clone doffs
Just received my fourth Ferengi trader clone. Name is Surrar. All same traits and qualities. Did I misunderstand something or wasn't this clone issue addressed?

Archived Post 10-26-2011 04:48 PM

i know what you mean

Archived Post 10-26-2011 11:20 PM

i currently have a list...sent 3 dupes off to be reassigned, and i still have 2 more, oh and prolly every single conn officer one can get for federation

Archived Post 10-27-2011 02:14 AM

The new Ferengi variants should be out in the next build.

Even then, note that this does not mean there will be no clones, just that they will be rarer because there are more variants being introduced for every specialization-species-gender-quality combination.

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