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Archived Post 10-26-2011 09:29 PM

Boff stupidity.....
Okay ground combat is abit more difficult in some respects since the ground changes, but its better then it used to be....however if i can't get my boffs to navigate a ramp or door.....well then i'm down party members for the rest of the mission....

currently i'm trying to get throug the ground portion of "out dewitting the enemy" but after the fight in engineering which has a ramp to continue further....well it took a while just to get the tards to figure out how to get up the ramp, i actually had to give them waypoints and march them one step at a time. Once up the ramp they get stuck at the door because obviously thats hard to figure out how to use an open door......I've got 2 that can't seem to figure this out.....and force move doesn't help for doors.

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