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A beginners guide to Star Trek Online:Chapter 2, Bridge officers
As the same for ships there are three bridge crew career types.




Engineers have special combat and repair abilities like Quantum Mortar or phaser turrets. As for on your ships is that they have brilliant abilities that help repair your ship like engineering team. If you don't want to wait for your engineering team icon to ''recharge'' Engineering bridge officers can use abilities like Reinforce Structural Integrity Field if your ships is getting to 75% health.

Tactical bridge officers have certain abilities that can turn the tide of battle, on the ground or in your ship. Torpedo spread alpha is the most useful as it surrounds your enemy with torpedoes them detonates them. On the ground they can use abilities that could be found in Call of Duty or Halo, Like grenades.

Science officers on the ground are your medics, but in space they can be your most useful recourse available. Shield abilities is my favorite out of all of them. Science team is a very useful one because heals your shields by atleast half.

Bridge officer canidates: Depending on your ship type, you can only have a certain number of bridge officers in your crew. Even though your bridge looks big enough to hold more, well it can't. Your bridge is just a place to explore and role play. Your bridge officers can vary between species, but the bridge officer you choose will determine the starter ability they get. Choose wisely because the bridge officer type makes all the difference.

There you have it you know all you need to know about Bridge officer abilities.

Next Chapter: Customizing your ship.

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