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All good things must come to an end....
As some of you already know, this was my last month taking care of various things for the fleet, etc.

Some five hundred odd days ago, I subbed to this game, with bright eyes, a dash of optimism, and curiosity. As I tore through the limited content of the game and approached RA, I joined the world of pvp with my fleet mates. All of us, as a community, both in fleet and sto at large were still learning the ropes. I can recall back then the sheer variety in builds as everyone scrambled to figure everything out. I can remember, CSV3 being so god like that it took RSP chains to live through it, I can remember the perma shut down of VM and SNB, and later after both got gibbed the perma stuns of PSW and trics. I remember when some creative escort pilot, discovered that FAW+DBBs and TBR was almost as good as pre gib CSV3.

I can remember when all of this got the nerf. On the flipside, I can look at some screens from when I first started, and man some of the choices I made for my builds back then were just silly, from Tachyon Beam 1 on an AE to Tetryon and Plasma dual spec, even one odd build where I didn't even have ranks in weapon performance. (I'm not sure what I was after with that one either)

I took a stroll through memory lane this week, looking at my screen shots from back in the day. Many fond memories, and many heartaches associated with them. Scenes of hilarity that some of you jokesters created throughout my time with this game, awesome tells from various people both negative and positive. Some just brilliant zone chat repartee. It reminded me, why I stayed with this game despite it's many and increasing number of failings. As I tried to coalesce my thoughts into this post, I can only underscore something I've told everyone many times in opvp. I stayed because of you guys.

As that time wore on, I grew to know several of you, and have watched many more depart this game in search of better venues to ply their skills to never return. I can only guess that those souls found a game that suited their needs. For those that are still here to read this, and for those that left alike, I can safely say in all of my years of gaming, I have never once stumbled across a community like this one. In a sea of hate, stupidity, and poor manners the sto pvp community stands out as a paragon of virtue. You guys have all been helpful, friendly, and a fellow shoulder to cry on, as we consoled each other over whatever fail had been thrown upon us, and neglect or worse an active kick in the face by the devs we received. While we have all had our moments, as a whole we have always banded together and closed ranks when faced with adversity. No other community that I have participated in would willingly tie both arms behind their backs in order to enjoy a pvp experience, even when the space bar committee wouldn't, no other community is also so singularly helpful to newbies that are just trying to learn.

I will also say, unlike so many other games, the separation of guilds in this game is so very thin. This is a strength of the community as a whole. We've all known each other so long, that in our own unique ways, we're all really just an extension of the other. I'm sure OPVP on various nights has certainly been more active than our own respective fleet chats between everyone. :)

My only regrets is that I did not share with everyone more in the forums, things I've learned over the last five hundred + days and that I can't just take you guys with me as I delve into other games. This was the first game I really felt part of the community with, and I can only from the bottom of my heart thank you all for that. I'm going to miss you guys, yes even Mikey/Venwar :p

Sadly though, all good things must come to an end.. I just can't justify paying them anything, for nothing in results, or worse the game getting even worse. I do not know if I will be back for free to play at this point, as the game is in such a state on tribble that it would be hard to even justify sinking my time into the game despite the community being one I love so much.

Cpt Micha is my xbox live handle. Naiadya is my RIFT primary toon (Molinar is the server I play in), Jelexya is my wow primary (I might resub to wow ,server there is Lightning's Blade :) ) and Mavairo will be the name of my handle for TOR, republic side. I'll probably be along once in a while popping in on the various vents to see how you guys are all doing.

I hope to see you all again soon, maybe in a galaxy far far away.

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Not another one! Now Shuttle Wars sounds truly dead! :(

Roach has a neat signature that showed me another potential gem or turd in making:

I seriously hope I'll see all you guys back for F2P and that it will all turn for the better. But... I don't count on that.

I have read many "IQuit" threads in the past, and most of the time I asked - who cares, another faceless drama queen is leaving, there must be plenty of them, so what.

But these all hit so close to home. People I knew, grew to like, I considered friends in this game, they are leaving. I see names that have actual meaning to me. They may still be faceless, but I saw their ships and shuttles at least, or I read there many useful contributions on the forums. I know these people had an impact on the game's community.

Our community may not have been perfect, and it has its disagreements and conflicts, and vitriol and all. But overall, we went through a lot, and I agree that the "fleet borders" mainly don't exist - we're OPvP, not TSI, RE, LaFamilia, Lore, QEW or whatever. But... we're getting fewer and fewer. :(

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Its gonna be a lonely F2P at this rate.

Cya around Mavario, may your Blasters always blast and your explosions be mighty.

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If only my bop were real, and i can poo on crypitc studios...

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A dark week... Just got darker :(

All I can say is fare thee well, in all your endeavours, and hope to see you on occasion with F2P (you never know, in a years time, it might be all sushhine and rainbows ;)).

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The Journey is the Thing, right? Have fun Mav


Archived Post 10-28-2011 09:06 AM

Take care mav.

Archived Post 10-28-2011 09:13 AM

gg mav.

always enjoyed fighting you and reading your posts. hope you find a good gaming out there.

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Take care.

Archived Post 10-28-2011 09:18 AM

I have news for Cryptic: "You are loosing players! Rapidly!"
I havent seen that many I quit-threads per day since... we hit the 30 day mark and the people who just played the time they got with the retail left.

Good hunting @ Mavairo

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