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Shrapnel (a story from the TTS)
From: Beck K'r'tan,
I.K.S. Chang, Battle Group Omega
Cestus Sector, Gamma Orionis

To: Great Lady Be'Erat,
House Be'Erat, First City.
Qo'nos, Omega Leonis

Honored Mother;

Its been some time since I have written in the old way, My duties have kept be busy. Life around the Battlegroup is much quieter these days since the alpha quadrant switched over to the Dilithium standard.
Hardly any ships come through any more that are not specificly assigned to the Battle Group. The stores, supply and fabrication ships have returned to Earth Space Dock and Qo'nos long ago. The Industrail replicators for making ship assemplies were removed from the Chang some time ago. I have requested a transfer back to Qo'nos and have been told it will be approved as my engineering and fabrication skills will be of greater use there. I have striven greatly in my studies and have also been approved for training as my duty permits at the Academy on Qo'nos. In time I will become an officer of the fleet, but for now I serve as all the warriors of our house have always served. First in the ranks. It is a proud and honorable tradition and I have never objected to it. I have done well with my time in the battle group and have taken part in 7 major space actions and 14 major ground actions against the Borg, and more away missions then I can remember. I have been mentioned in Dispatches a number of times I hope much to the pride and honor of the house.

You will ge heartened to know that I have been accepted into the ranks of the Honor Guard. I belive I am the first of our house to recieve this honor and I wear my armor proudly. Not many Beck's recieve this honor. The majority of the Honor Guard are commisioned officers of Commander grade or higher. It bring me joy to share this bit of news with you.

I should be arriving at Qo'nos within the week. Please have of some candied Rac't wating for me.. Of all the things I have missed of the home world, your cooking has been the greatest.

Honor and Glory
Your son


Lady Be'Erat

Your sons transport was intercepted and destroyed by a Borg cube shortly after he transferred off the I.K.S. Chang. The above letter was recovered in his personal effect. I was able to determin that he had yet to have mailed it and I felt it important that you recieve it. We recovered the ships logs from the wreakage and in his last fight he aqquited himself well. There is a possibility that he has been assimilated by the Borg and may not have died in the subsequent boarding action. The Special Task force, KDF and the Honor Guard will make every effort to determine his fate and if possible either recover him or grant him the warriors death that has been stolen from him by the honorless actions of the Borg. When we know, I will see that you are informed as soon as can be done. I served with your son, and knew him persoonally. His strength and ability will be missed and I personally feel his loss. Be very proud Great Lady.

In service to the Empire
Admiral D'vak
Special Task Force, Commanding

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Shrapnel Part-II (a story from the TTS)
The Sensor officer contemplated his console as the drifing wreakage of a Borg battle force drifted by on the main viewscreen. Yes, the sensors confirmed what he thought he had picked up. "Captain, I am picking up a genetic trace in the wreakage of that cube." He turned to the stately Orion female lounging across the command throne, his liver painfully twisting in his belly. "Its Klingon. I'll put the data up on your repeater."

Kui smiled slightly at the Liutenant and studied the data on the repeater screen . She sat back for a moment in thought, and turned her head to the side. "First officer. I want an away team in the wreakage now. Your recommendations?"

The first officer worked his personell console for a moment. "Captain, I recommend sending 2 security specialists, an operations engineer and 2 medical personal. My recomendations are on oyur repeater number 2." She peered at the monitor a moment. "Approved first officer, get them on thier way. They have no more then 2 hours. Hold us in position here. I'll be in my office. First officer you have command. Inform me if anything happens."

She rose from the throne knowing that her Klingon first officer would not sit in it. That seat was hers and hers alone, just as the I.K.S. Dancer, a refitted Vor'cha battle cruiser was her command. There had been some challanges from the more conservative officers and one abortive attempt at mutiny. Over the past several week she'd ordered the execution of 4 different officers, and given them the honor of combat with her. They had all died. Taking a quick visual once over across the large command bridge of the battle cruiser she made for her day cabin and the waiting duties of command that were not to be avoided in the service of the KDF.

Entering her office she brought up her log and begane her after action report on the just finished battle. Here and there she noted a commendation or a notice to some particular crewman or officer for actions during the battle.
The Dancer had sustained some serious damage during the battle but the engineering and maintainence crews were all ready putting it right. There had been a number of casualties during the battle, including three that had nothing to with fighting the borg or ships damage. She smiled as she reviewed the servailence recording. Apparently there had been yet another challange to her command. But this challange had never made it out of the compartment it had started in The Beck commanding the 27th squad had delt with it in a most perfeunctory and satifactory matter by simply executing the malcontents in his squad himself... she played back his last statement before he settled the matter. "Captain Kui was granted this command having earned it in action against the enemies of the Empire. She's been fighting for the empire before you even started your warrior training. I deplore waste. and your training was wasted on you. Die with dishonor you little piece of targ waste."

Well. she was amused, and quite pleased. but the paperwork of command would not do its self. With a depreciative sigh she settled into preparing her reports.

She was just finishing the last of the casualty reports when her communicator relay chirped. "Capatin, the away team has returned. We have recovered 7 assimliated personell of the Alpha quadrant. 2 Federation Humans, and a Vulcan. We also have 2 Orion,a Nausican.... and Captain. We have one Klingon..he wears the remains of an Honor Guard Uniform. We have them all in sickbay. The medical staff is working on them now. Shall I inform one of the federation ships of the special task force?" She replied without hesitation. "Of course First officer. They will want thier personell back. Remember our oaths Commander. While we serve with the Special Task force we leave the greater war between the Empire and the the Federation behind us. The Borg our our concern now. We serve with the Federation both in space, on away misions, and on the ground and will show them every courtasy. AfFter all if we do not ward thier backs, who will ward ours. Carry on First officer. By your honor you know what to do."

She was pleased. This one had at least asked. His predesessor had not and she had been forced to execute him for actions that had put the ships honor and the honor of the empire at risk. Some had criticized her informing Admiral D'Vak of the execution of recovered starfleet personell, and had been shocked when she offered her life to the Admiral in attonment for the actions of officers under her command. The admiral had refused her here, and had rebuked her in the most gentle of ways. She recalled his words. "Hatred run as deep between the Empire and the Federation as blood in the liver for some. I am sure this will not happen again in a ship under your command captain. The dead are just that, dead. I am satisfied that justice has been served. Return to your ship. We have much to do."

Thats had been 3 weeks ago and since then her ship and crew had been ordered by the Admiral into the thickest of the fighting earning them selves great glory, and even greater honor to the Empire. She sometimes longed for the special capabilities of an Orion cruiser Not to mention the amenities. Klingon designed ships tended to be what the humans refered to as rather spartan. But as the loyalty of her crew had grown towards her, her loyalty to them had also grown. She would not willingly give up her ship or her crew for anything or any one.
Not any more. She would need to request a little down time for the ship shortly though. Dancer had been handled roughly in a number of fights now, and there was only so much you can do with Photonic personell and replicated parts and spares. The ship was down nearly 20% of her crew and to much ships damage was mearly patched, not repaired. The power draw maintaining photonic assemblies to replace several important systems, and mantain crewing was placing a severe drain on the ships power and capabilities.

Her comm panal chirped again. "Captain. The Federation personell are aboard the U.S.S. Leonidas. While we havw not yet deternined who the two Orions and the Nausican are, the Klingon is K'r'tan of house Be'Erat. He is a Beck inducted into the Honor Guard 14 weeks ago. He was in route to Qo'nos 13 weeks ago when his transport was intercepted and destroyed by the Borg. I will forward you his file. There are standing orders to inform Admiral D'vak if he is recovered or found. I have done so."

"Excellent First officer. Continue pursuing the identities of our other 3 guests. Inform me when the Beck is ready to recieve visitors. Captain out."

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