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Archived Post 10-29-2011 02:12 AM

C-Store Ship unlock
Hi all

I have maybe a stupid question about buying a ship on C-Store, are all ship unlocked for all Characters on that account or are there only certain ones that are for all characters?

Reason i ask, i have brought the VA Intrepid, excel and Neb on my main. yet only the excel is available for my other character, is that correct?

Archived Post 10-29-2011 02:19 AM

For all characters.
However some are claimed at the C-store and some are claimed at the ship requisitions. Which causes great confusion.

Archived Post 10-31-2011 08:22 AM

Hm.. maybe I've not looked in the right area, will double check.

but checking on the characters C-store says i have to buy it on one toon yet i have brought it / unlocked it on the other.

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