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TRIBBLE Maintenance and Release Notes - November 10, 2011
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

EDITED to add a known issue.

Borg Invasion:
  • The Borg are taking advantage of all the new releases happening on Tribble, and a distracted player base, to launch a full scale invasion of the planet Defera!
  • The Defera Invasion zone can be accessed from either the Defera Visitors Center or Defera System in the Deferi Sector of the Orellius Sector Block.
    • This area will always be available for players to visit, but will only have missions available when the event is active.
    • In the off hours, players will have access to crafting vendors and a chance to explore most areas of the invasion zone without fear of being assimilated.
  • Combat throughout the Invasion zone takes place at RA/BG level.
  • Characters not yet at that rank will be bolstered up, much like the Borg Red Alerts.
  • There are four different areas of conflict on the map, each with its own range of difficulties, varying from solo play to requiring a 5 member team to succeed.
    • City
    • Power Plant
    • Temple
    • Probe
  • Each difficulty level is unlocked by completing the lower level difficulty first.
    • Must complete one Easy mission to unlock Medium, and one Medium to unlock Hard.
  • The main Borg boss battle is unlocked by completing at least one mission on Hard difficulty.
  • Mission objectives are wiped between event runs.
    • If you donít complete it on the first run through, it will reset when the next one starts.
  • Special items have been created for this event: world drops, mission rewards, and craftable items.
    • These items are designed to help fight against the Borg.
  • On Tribble this event will be running for two hours every four hours around the clock.
    • This is to help maximize available testing time and to aid in bug catching.
    • Once the Invasion makes its way to Holodeck, it will be slotted into the event calendar much less frequently.

  • Reduced price of respec to 10 CP temporarily, for ease of testing skills changes.
  • Updated rewards for first 12 levels of missions for Feds.
    • Should give players a full suite of uncommon Mk II gear and specifically-created bridge officers by the time they reach level 10.
      • On replay, gives a piece of level-appropriate uncommon gear.
  • Function keys now work to target bridge officers.
  • Corrected spelling of "Casualty" title.
  • Corrected spelling of title on "Admirial" D'vak.
  • Updated rewards for Starbase 24 fleet action.
    • Winners will now receive a level-appropriate random item as well as a token.
  • Moved the devidian missions to start at level 12.
  • Added rare Mk X antiproton mag console to dilithium store.
  • The Ki'tang raider is now free to someone with the free Captain-level ship token.

Duty Officers:
  • It is now possible to drag Duty Officers to the mail.
  • Duty Officer headshots will now be displayed based off the faction of the Duty Officer
    • Red & Klingon logos for Klingon Duty Officers.
    • Blue & Starfleet logos for Federation Duty Officers.
  • The duty officer UI will now display specific icons for specific errors
    • Not enough Energy Credits.
    • Not enough of a required Commodity/need an item.
    • A required Duty Officer is not available, but one was found on another assignment.
    • A required Duty Officer is not available, but one was found in the ground or space active roster.
  • Duty officers will be now be hidden by default if they cannot be slotted in any of the open assignment slots.
    • They can be shown again by using the "Show Unslottable" filter.
  • The duty officer window will now remember the last tab that was visible if you don't have any completed assignments.
  • There is now an option in the settings to switch from displaying in progress assignments by commendation to displaying assignments by status.
  • Active roster Armory duty officer power description now correctly refers to both Phaser Turrets and Disruptor Turrets.
  • Updated Diplomatic commendation token display name.
  • Removed bad reference to old "Operative" title for Tier III Espionage commendation in reward summary.
  • Modified outcome distribution for certain assignments so they work properly with the new math.
    • Included in this sweep are the Immunize, Quarantine and Entertain assignments.
  • Refugees in the "Treat Refugees" assignment now have icons.
  • Updated slotting with "Quell Civil Unrest" assignments.

  • Doomsday Device: Using the Journal Transwarp button now takes the player to Donia.
  • Added [Tutorial]: to the start of the text for all game-start tutorial player missions so that players explicitly knows when they are doing tutorial stuff.
  • Cutting the Cord: Engineering objective once again causes damage to the fighter.
  • All feature episodes now grant their specialty reward as the only available reward(s) on first playthrough.
    • On replay, additional rewards are available.
  • Resolved an issue where characters below level 10 would not get rewards from winning first place in PvP maps because there were no available items of their level.
    • Those characters will now consistently gain rewards.
    • Characters at level 10 or above will gain the usual suite of possible rewards.

  • Fixed Isometric Charge so it still chains, even if the target dies.
  • Added bonus accuracy to Thunderchild's Point Defense System.
  • Resolved issue that allows certain ship powers to be used on every ship without having to equip the related console.
  • Updated display name on Runabout Tractor Beam.
  • Updated description for Plasmotic Leach power.
  • All Torpedo Spreads, except Tricobalt, have been updated.
    • Made the spread attacks periodic, just like torpedo salvo.
      • Instead of one big hit per target, each target gets hit with 2, 3, or 4 hits
        • This is the same as salvo.
        • Each hit calculates critical individually.
        • This should alleviate the severe spike damage we have been seeing.
    • Each target is hit with a small AoE; this is unchanged.
      • The splash damage now drops off, so if you are next to target that gets hit, you won't get the same full damage that he did.
      • The further away you are from a target, the less splash damage you will get.
      • The splash radius is 300 just as before and the damage drops off linearly so if you are 150 away from the target, you will get half splash damage.
    • Reduced Max Number of targets from 10 to 3, 4, and 5 for Spread I, II and III, respectively.
    • Reduced Spread damage to 75% of its equivalent salvo.
    • Updated the art and tooltips.
    • Removed the AoE from basic and Salvo torpedoes.
    • These changes affect player and NPC torpedoes.
  • Turrets, shield generators, medical generators, and chroniton mines can no longer be placed in social ground maps such as Earth Spacedock and Deep Space Nine. This will cut down on excessive clutter in those areas.
  • Support drones no longer try to set a preferred target that isnít an enemy.
  • Automated Defense Turret, a Collector's Edition bonus, now cannot miss nearby targets.
    • Losing weapon subsystems now disables this item.
  • Updated shield charges and hyposprays so that bridge officers should only use them while in combat.
    • This will prevent chain spamming of consumables by bridge officers.
  • Gorn Barrier Field
    • Increased HP of the Field.
    • Reduced Recharge time to 120s.
    • Added a Repel so it tries to push nearby foes to the other side of the barrier as it is created.
  • Reduced Varanus repair platform Mask Energy Signature effect to 2.5km.

  • Torpedoes now fire correctly when the Galaxy cruiser does saucer separation.
  • Updated torpedo collision on Borg probe.
  • Updated the Gladius so it is a selectable template in the tailor.
  • Updated the hull on the Gladius so the windows wonít flicker anymore.

  • Added a Back button to stores and store collections.
  • Attempting to respec while your skill window is open no longer causes client to crash.
  • Resolved issue that Beam Array powers show Expose Attack in the Power description
  • Fire All buttons are no longer inappropriately disabled.
  • The Dilithium Exchange Cryptic Point buy/sell input will now restrict the input to valid ranges.
  • The Currency Exchange explanation of errors now updates properly while entering amounts.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when buying Cryptic Points.
  • Resolved issue that allowed creating a character without choosing traits.
  • Tooltips have been added to the mission journal window.
  • Contact and vendor minimap and regular map icons now always display regardless of distance from player.
  • Updated Queue UI so the list no longer overlaps the scrollbar.

Known Issues:
  • Some of the Foundry interact objects were accidentally removed from Earth Spacedock.
  • Attempting to purchase foundry slots with Dilithium does not unlock more slots.
  • Some reward items are missing from Hard level Borg Invasion missions.
  • Borg Invasion Power Plant: Getting to the Bottom of Things: If a team wipes in the boss room, the room is disabled on that instance of the map.
  • Borg Invasion Power Plant: Power Play: Currently it is not required to collect Regeneration Hub keys to shut down Borg Alcoves.
  • Borg Invasion Temple: Preservation of Knowledge: Sometimes you may get two white Ďbottomí Isolinear Chips in the matching puzzle.
    • When this happens, the puzzle cannot be solved.
    • Try again later or drop the mission and restart it.
  • Borg Invasion: Some missions report two different amounts of items to collect or enemies to defeat. Your mission tracker is the correct number.
  • Small chance of not being able to move upon creating a new character and starting the tutorial.
    • If this happens, log out and back in and it should be resolved

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Wowzers! Thanks Zero :)

Archived Post 11-10-2011 02:05 PM

Looking good, thanks zero for this, i look forward to having a go at the ground invasions, these notes just made my day :)

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Wait, We still can't use Colonists and Prisoners?

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Are the issues with Carrier pet commands being looked at? I have posted several times about the inconsistencies with giving carrier pets commands and they not follow the new command.

For example, I can have the recall command toggled and have all pets follow me. However, not all follow at full impulse. I can then toggle the attack command, but not all fighters attack. A number of them remain following me as if the recall command was toggled.


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Known Issues:
  • No #HortaforDOff :(

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Zero Is AWESOME!!!
Thanks for the info Zero, your the best! :D Really looking forward to getting in there and killin some borg. You guys are doing a good job the way I see it. I am glad to be a tester.

Archived Post 11-10-2011 02:10 PM

Really excited about the fix to Torpedo Spread:). The rest looks like some pretty good stuff too. ^^

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looks nice :) thx

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Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

Borg Invasion:
  • The Borg are taking advantage of all the new releases happening on Tribble, and a distracted player base, to launch a full scale invasion of the planet Defera!

Cool. But if they are counting that I'm distracted. Well. They will have a litllte surprise :)

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