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Archived Post 11-16-2011 06:36 PM

DOFF mission failure
I did the "Experimental Protective Armor Upgrade" DOFF mission the resulted in an explosion. As far as I know only one man ended up in sickbay but without going through my roster I do not know if anyone else was injured or killed. Can DOFFs die? If so can we be notified of the total outcome of DOFF mission Failures?

On a Diplomatic DOFF mission I failed and it gives a description of "The meeting failed to acomplish any desired results" or something to that effect. I like that I can read that and I would like to see more of those "REPORTS" given at the end of EVERY mission not just the failed ones.

The current result status of Crit Success, success or failure is good and should be kept but placed at the end of the Officer Debrief Report. If a DOFF was killed note that in the report, seems like it should be important enough to be reported in a debief type setting.

Additionally can we get a DOFF mission of "Funeral Services" for fallen comrades? We are at a state of war and it would be IMO a nice touch to see this as kind of a grim reality check as to the state of the galaxy. I believe every version of Star Trek had an episode that took into account the death and funeral services of one of the crew.

And to add a lighter side as the Captain you should have the privilage of Marrying crewmen together and Promotion missions.

"Preside over Marrige Ceremony" mission could be a turn in 2 crewmen mission and get a "thank you" item in return. Kind of an opposite of the recruit "X" specialty missions.

Promotion missions could be rare missions where you turn in a low rarity DOFF and get a higher quality DOFF in return. Or a Crew Tranfer mission where you can turn in one or a few DOFF at a chance at getting specific or higher quality DOFFs.

Anyway, I added a few more things there but mostly I want to see a debrief mission report on the outcome of DOFF missions that gives an injury status of DOFFs that were involved.

Archived Post 11-16-2011 07:45 PM

Common Doffs can die. I did the mission where I sent one of my officers to compete in an unsanctioned arena and in the Mission Log it said that he did not survive the mission.

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