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Archived Post 11-18-2011 10:32 PM

Now is a good time to add the efficient space trait to a KDF Race
I'm tired of not having any Space efficient boffs on the KDF side, could we please get some added for F2P Launch?

Archived Post 11-19-2011 12:54 AM

You get your wish. Lethean Boffs will have that trait, you can get them through the Doff system at least.

Archived Post 11-19-2011 11:23 AM

Well, you USED to be able to get Lethean BOFFs through the DOFF system. For a few patches now they seem to have totally disappeared, along with all other BOFF offers through the DOFF system.

Hope they find the happy medium one of these days before it goes to Holodeck.

Oh, and I hope they axe those silly common BOFF offers that were "rewards" for achievement in a given DOFF department/category. Nobody needs free common BOFFs past say Lt. Cmdr.

Archived Post 11-19-2011 12:38 PM

Looks like it might end up on the Gorn because some Gorn doffs have the efficient trait :confused:

Archived Post 11-19-2011 06:34 PM

I have at least one efficient Lethean DOFF, and I could swear I saw efficient on one of the BOFFs, but I would have to recheck.

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