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Archived Post 11-18-2011 10:43 PM

Outsider's perspective: PvP additions that Cryptic should consider
Ok, let me start off by saying that I have played STO since about a week or two before S2 came out. I have always been a light PvPer, and mostly I enjoyed it, especially at the lower levels.

You guys that post in here get far more in-depth than I, and you know way more about builds and things than I do, so please don't blast this list, as it is just suggestion on how the PvP system could work better.

I'm posting this because while I don't play the PvP segment of the game much, I stand by the plight of the PvP community since it seems that you folks get largely lost in the shuffle when it comes to development.

Ok here goes...remember, this is just one man's opinion.

For starters, there needs to be new maps. People can only play Cracked Planetoid, Solar Wind, and Assimilated Cruiser so much before they are sick of looking at them. Even though there are more maps listed than those 3, they always seem to be the ones that come up, besides Shantytown for assault. So definitely some more maps that support small and larger scale scenarios.

Lobby System: Queues should be dropped entirely in favor of a joinable lobby. Players could join a lobby via their UI, and toggle the window the same way. This way, people that weren't missioning could chat while they wait for the minimum amount of people to join and the match to start.

Match start minimums: The match start minimums should be dropped to 6 players instead of 8. It's way easier to find a 3 v 3, instead of having to wait for a 4 versus 4. A 3 on 3 would actually make for an interesting new challenge as well, since people wouldn't be able to just cluster up and spam stuff.

"Trueskill" System: Implementing a trueskill rating would make matchmaking a bit more fair, and provide an equal experience for the random PvPer like me, or the veterans like yourselves. Sort of gives everyone a fighting chance.

More warzones and open PvP: Plain and simple, they need more warzone type areas on the map where people can go mess around and have fun outside of arenas. Not that hard for the devs to do. They could also have people flag on or off for open PvP as well.

Leaderboards: Any competitive gaming I've ever done, there's always been stat tracking and leaderboards. That shouldn't be any different for STO. The top K/D leaders should be on it, top kills, top damage, top healing, etc. and it should diplay the player's name and what clan/guild they are from so the fleet gets a little love.

New game modes: There needs to be new game modes bad. Cap and hold is cool for space, and Assault is cool for ground along with the regular team vs team matches for space and ground, but there should be some variety. A capture the flag type game would be cool, like where one team has to capture the other's resource and take it to their base or something like Halo's "Infection" mode for ground, where you have to play as Borg and assimilate the entire other team to win. Kind of like a "last man standing" on the ground.
There could also be a "Hardcore" mode for both ground and space where Boff powers and kit powers were disabled, and players have to fight with just their weapons, no special abilities.

I know I may or may not get taken seriously because I don't PvP hardly, but I really just want to see a better game. Maybe this will help, and maybe it won't but at least I got it out here. Thanks guys, and enjoy your PvPing.

~ Supreme

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Yup you got a lot right SH. No problems at all with your suggestions. Good job.

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Thanks Craig. I'm still a novice to MMO and computer games, for that matter. STO was my first ever foray into the MMO style and playing on a PC, since my whole life has been consoles from Atari 2600 up to the Xbox 360 S that I have now. However, I have been a competitive FPS player and clan leader since 2002, back when Rainbow Six 3 was out on the first Xbox, and so I understand the competitive gaming mindset. Only reason I don't PvP on here is that I don't quite get all the math it takes to make just the right build, and I'd get smashed in VA level PvP. Besides, I run a Galaxy X, and as slow as my ship is it would be in pieces before I lined up one lance shot.

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You have my support.

The thing you might have been trying to explain is an Elo rating system. It was successfully used in the Supreme Commander 1x1 ladder.

K/D would be nice to see. I do not consider something a viable strategy if you die or are hurt so badly that you are not militarily effective.

Yours in Full Military Plasma,

Archived Post 11-19-2011 08:09 AM

Thanks for the reply, Star. You know, I seem to remember the ELO system too. Not from Supreme Commander, but back in 2003 when Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow was released, players were ranked by ELO, along with their personal stats. So I am somewhat familiar with it. Very cool!

Archived Post 11-19-2011 08:37 AM

For background I only PuG. I enjoy making goofball builds and taking them into PvP.

The main objection I have to any kind of ELO/killboard/leaderboard is they change the goals of the players to "win" the elo/killboard/leaderboard instead of being creative w/PvP potential builds and playstyles. For example, even now people rarely C&H to win it's usually secondary to fighting. In C&H, unlike arena, deaths don't matter to "win" the scenario.

Also, let's not let the Devs off the hook of not having any kind of strategic or even tactical reason to actual fight for in PvP. There's still no ETA on OPEN sector PvP raids they touched on over the summer.

That said if there are quarterly tournies et al which have ELO/killboards/leaderboards run by Cryptic or players I think that would be reasonable. But, I'd much rather devs put some incentive into winning and add depth to PvP.

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Originally Posted by supreme_heretic (Post 3867999)
More warzones and open PvP: Plain and simple, they need more warzone type areas on the map where people can go mess around and have fun outside of arenas. Not that hard for the devs to do. They could also have people flag on or off for open PvP as well.

I'm so with you on pretty much all your points, but especially this one (as quoted above).

For me, the single most 'exciting' PvP experience I ever felt was back in the ole SWG days when they first implemented the TEF system. As a rebel in the Star Wars Galaxies universe, it was intensely more immersive and fun to have to 'sneak around' imperial cities. I think that the 'risk factor' is missing in STO, especially since PvE is so incredibly safe. So flying around space seems a bit more like a sunday drive in the suburbs, but if there were at least some disputed areas on the map where open PvP would be a bit more feasible, it would definitely make space travel at least a little bit more stressful.

Second, on the same subject of Open PvP/Warzones/TEFs, the entire STO universe is predicated on the war between the Federation and the Klingons. This is HUGE with regards to the lore of both the game and the Franchise, yet of all the things I would say about playing STO, the apparent "war" with the Klingons is hardly worth mentioning. In fact, since the Klingon story missions are at the very beginning of the PvE storyline, and since PvP with Klingons rarely happens, it doesn't feel at all like we're at war with the Klingons. The majority of the PvP matches are Fed vs Fed anyway. Yes, that is surely in part due to the fact that there are by far more Fed players, but that's understandable considering that rolling a Klingon a hardly different than rolling any other alt in the game. (play the same missions/STF's/fleet actions)

There would be more Klingon players is they had a territory to defend, or if the "war" was much more in your face (so that people would take sides).

Third, continuing on the point about territory...One of the classic trek games for the PC, a probably the only Trek game I've played where opposing factions (other than Fed)actually had some success was in the SFC series. Romulan clans, Klingon Clans...they were still outnumbered by feds, but since they were actually fighting for territory, and since PvP was accessible (much moreso than in STO) these factions OFTEN won maps.

Seriously...If I were on the dev team, I'd be taking a good hard look at PvP in STO, specifically with regards to how the existing PvP system impacts the lack of Klingon players and vice versa. If PvP and factional play were healthy in STO, we'd see endless posts about balancing factions. Instead, forum-user suggestions regarding PvP balance issues are almost 100% exclusive to federation class issues (Escort vs Science vs Cruisers). Outside of the relatively ridiculous Harpeng issue, nobody complains about balance between the Feds and Klingons because it's mostly fed vs fed.

IMO, Warzones/open-PvP/TEF's.....this could definitely help reinforce the story backdrop of STO, increase the Klingon player base, and also increase the immersion and fun-factor for the game.

Archived Post 11-19-2011 09:18 AM

all with you OP. Sadly these suggestions have been made many times over, we should probably check back around 2014 if STO is still around, maybe something has happened until then.

Archived Post 11-19-2011 11:04 AM

*covers and fires on havam* pew pew!

Stop saying 2014. That's so sad. (though most likely true)

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Read this post, you and supreme heretic are kind of brothers by name, so you must take heed!

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