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Archived Post 11-20-2011 02:57 PM

UGC Event Rewards idea
The auther should get a small kickback say 2 Dilithium per star giving in feedback. It would reward the authers for in many cases weeks of work and encourage people to do more UGC. Food for thught.

Archived Post 11-21-2011 02:00 AM

Oh, thats an interesting idea.

Unfortunately, I got a bad feeling the only Foundry Missions that will be played during the UGC events would be the abuse missions that have you done within a few minutes. :(

Archived Post 11-21-2011 03:45 AM

Dought that..
There no less then 3 podcast out there that would give STO idea as which to pick. Having them 100% random would be bad but I do not think STO is that dumb. I am sure they will pick the mission so that console mission and grind mission do not get to be a UCG event

Archived Post 11-22-2011 03:29 PM

I think what should happen with say a random UGC picker. it will randomly pick UGC in the list and highlight them and if u do that mission then u get a bonus but say if the event runs for 2 hours every 10 minutes another one is randomly generated. The 10 minutes start after u turn it in.

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