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Archived Post 12-01-2011 04:36 AM

Reconstructing ships
Hi everyone. I'm a noob to STO (just started 2 weeks ago). Does anyone know if there's a point in the game where you can reconstruct ships? I don't mean getting new weapons (memory alpha). I mean literally having someone reinforce the hull and put in more consul slots. I ask because I paid for the NX class light escort because let's face it, the ship looks cool. I loved Enterprise, and I thought the ship's simple, yet elegant design was just a masterpiece. I also came up with a cool name for it. The problem is, now I'm a at rank commander and I love the ship, but it can't stand up to the punishment from more powerful enemies. If it's possible to strengthen the hull or whatnot, that would be fantastic. If this function doesn't exist, I think it would be fantastic to add it to the game. We all have had ships that we particularly love, and why mothball them?

Archived Post 12-01-2011 05:14 AM

Unfortunately that function doesn't exist and I don't know if there are plans to add it. I would like to see something like that added as well.

Archived Post 12-01-2011 06:04 AM

sadly he's right, there ARE refits of ships that add new features, but nothing like what you're describing, although that would be pretty interesting.

Archived Post 12-01-2011 07:06 AM

Good idea to revamp the approach to crafting or good idea as a money sink from a vendor machine. I'd rather see it as a revamp of crafting.

Archived Post 12-01-2011 07:31 AM

It WOULD be nice to refit our own ships through crafting or money. They wouldn't NEED an EC limit if they had better things to spend it on.

Archived Post 12-04-2011 03:32 PM

It's been asked for many, many times, but currently the leveling system forces you out of ships you may love and/or have paid for into new ones every ten levels. I believe this is a flaw in the game's design.

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