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Archived Post 12-01-2011 10:00 PM

New Skill Tree and my Star Cruiser
The Star Cruiser... is my favorite ship.

It looks like a beached whale and turns like a dead cow and it had me at hello.

In this case, a star cruiser to me requires two out of three things. Survivabliity and healing support. Up until today I did a decent amount of damage.

I compare the new tree to the changes in the wow tree a while back. Before you had more leeway for hybridizing a build. Now it seems you have to min max into a specific team role... putting more emphasis on team work in general. Not that this didnt exist before in some sense, but it looks to be more of necessity now.

Does anyone else find this to be true?

Also, for other Star Cruiser captains, what are you noticing on your builds pvp pve wise this time around as far as differences go?


Archived Post 12-02-2011 04:40 AM

Overall ,the ship now is better off.

With basically all healing neatly pressed into 2 L1 skills you have plenty room to skill your guns.
TSS got quite boost and can net you per second regen rates in the 4 digit range. And guess who can stack up on those.. yeah...

I actually pulled out the 2 years old feedback pulse build again.

A galaxy x half nuked itself lancing me. and then dies by virtue of continuing to fire at me.

Reminds me of those old days where when some guy popped this skill, fleets died.

That aside: the star cruiser is better off now.

well mine is.

Archived Post 12-02-2011 05:07 AM

The new skills just work differently. The diminishing returns for going to 9 are massive, so you need to really think about what is worth maxing out.

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