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Archived Post 12-03-2011 05:14 AM

Question: Transwarp Coil and T5 Retrofit
So I went to go check out things on my main Tac and look at the consoles that got converted from ship powers.

I go to check out my Advanced Heavy Cruiser and low and behold. it's not in list of ships. O.O I go to the C-Store and the T5 and I can claim it but when I do, no console so am I a self sealing steam bolt or what? I remember buying both the Cmd level and the T5 from the C-Store.

so my question is.

1. I have the T5 Retrofit, is it meant to come with a console, or was it on the Commander level and we where meant to move it?

2. if we where meant to move it from the Commander level ship to our T5, and I screwed because I seem to no longer have said Commander ship on my Main TAC.


3. is there anyway a dev would be able to help out here. either by confirming or denying my account having an account wide unlock for the commander level. and helping me get it back. or finding it in they're heart <3 to grant me that ship just once on my main TAC ( Yuri Takahashi )

Side note:

I like many other's who have been here from back in beta, already have the TOS Conni. so that nice "gift" of the TOS Conni is kind of wasted on us. could we enstead claim one ship ( including the T3 Commander Advanced Heavy Cruiser ) would make my day.

I'm off to bed right now. thank you for your time.

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