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Rare bridge officer gift for season 5?
Sorry if this has been asked but I just got done Priority One Episode 58 - We'll always have Paris , And at the end they had said that as a gift for us we were to get a purple Bride officer with mark 12 gear at earth space dock? I was not sure if this was true of how on ESD to claim it? tyvm

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The Veteran BOFF?

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Yes sir sorry about the lack of proper terms I only just now heard this from the pob cast with little details

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There is a vendor on ESD where you requisition new bridge officers. Claim the vet BO from him.

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Originally Posted by sdangelo (Post 3882094)
For any amount between 128,000 and 896,000, the character gets 50% in Refined Dilithium and 50% in Dilithium Ore. The choice to give out some Dilithium Ore instead of giving out entirely in Refined Dilithium was done as a way to control the rate at which Dilithium enters the economy. By giving out some in the form of Ore, it will take some time for that Dilithium to be refined and enter the overall economy. 0.773% of characters fall into this category.

For any amount over 896,000, the character gets 50% in Refined Dilithium, and the other 50% is discarded. This was a hard choice for us. We could have left the 50% going to Ore, but the bottom line is some of these characters had so much Dilithium that there was a very strong risk of them damaging the economy for everyone else. Balancing the new economy to account for this much Dilithium would mean weakening the buying power of over 99% of the population. We decided to cap the Ore production at 48 days, and simply drop it after that point, as it actually did not hold any real value in that state. 0.007% of characters fall into this category.

The small number of characters that fall into the last two categories will also be receiving a special set of gifts. These are our way of thanking those players who really exercised the pre-Dilithium game play.

Each character in the last two categories will receive a “Veteran Bridge Officer Reassignment Form” in their inventory. This form allows you to claim a special veteran bridge officer. Starfleet captains can claim this veteran from Elsa Mora on Earth Space Dock, and Klingon Defense Force captains can claim the veteran from V’Qlar on Qo’noS. The veteran is a very rare (purple) officer who has two unique traits: Space Warfare Specialist, which provides a skill bonus to Starship Maneuvers, Starship Targeting Systems, Starship Energy Weapons, and Starship Projectile weapons; and Veteran, which grants a team bonus to damage, dodge, and avoidance.

Veterans are available as both males and females, in engineering, science, and tactical varieties, so you can find one that fits the needs of your specific play style. Federation veterans are humans and have the species traits of Leadership and Teamwork, while Imperial veterans are Klingons with the species traits of Warrior and Honorable.

The veteran also comes equipped with a Mk XII very rare rifle and personal shield, as well as Mk XII rare body armor.
These items are bound, but you can use them yourself (if you are a Vice Admiral), or let the veteran continue to use them. (If you aren’t a Vice Admiral, you will not be able to re-equip these items if you remove them from the officer, so in that case your best choice is to let the veteran keep the gear.)

The reassignment form is good for one veteran. You will not gain a replacement if you dismiss the veteran or use it to train another bridge officer, so don’t accidentally lose your veteran.

In addition, characters in the last two categories will be receiving a number of “Holiday Gift Receipt” items based on which category they are in. The receipts cannot be used during the first week of Season 5, but will be usable after that to claim a special “Winter Gift Package” item that we plan to release on December 8 via the C-Store. There will be a special vendor at the winter holiday event where these receipts can be turned in to acquire this upcoming C-Store item. The vendor will move after the holiday event ends, so that players who have unclaimed receipts can still get their gifts.

Hopefully, this clears up any confusion there was about the conversion. We know that there is no way to make a smooth conversion without affecting some players and still keep the economy in a stable condition. We tried to balance the driving factors, and worked to minimize the impact on players as much as possible.

Season 5 will be live shortly, and we are very excited to release all the new features to STO. We look forward to seeing you all in game.

Stephen D’Angelo
Executive Producer
Star Trek Online

Source. Relevant-er stuff in bold.

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But this vet BO isn't a general gift for season 5, it's a "gift" for those that not only got shafted, but royally shafted in the emblems ect. -> dilithium conversion.

Archived Post 12-05-2011 10:45 AM

In order to claim it, you have to have a vetern BO requisition. If you qualify for the reward, you should have it in your inventory. If you don't have it in your inventory, then you did not qualify for the reward.

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Originally Posted by Brigadoom
Source. Relevant-er stuff in bold.

thank this clears things up for me now i'm a little upset becouse i was only 20k sort of getting one D=

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Little off-topic, but I have to say...

Lenzio, your avatar made me literally laugh out loud... :D

Archived Post 12-08-2011 07:24 PM

So wait... I get jack because I didn't have a crap load of marks and badges even though I've been here sense before better? That'll teach me to use my marks and badges to buy gear. :confused:

"These are our way of thanking those players who really exercised the pre-Dilithium game play." should be changed to "These are our way of thanking those players who really grinded to get lots of badges and marks and never using them while at the same time shoving it up the butts of those that played the game and used what marks and badges they earned to buy items." Or something like that... :D

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