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Archived Post 12-12-2011 09:02 AM

The Official Cookie Cutter Thread
I think a good resources for the Federation Shipyards would be to have a list of some performance-geared builds for each VA and RA ship. The aim would eventually to get stickied, but lets see what we get first. It could be there is just too much variability to have a list of builds people can start from/work from, but I think we could get down to like 2 or 3 build types per ship.

Build should include weapons/equipment/consoles used, Boff powers used, and a short ditty on the general strategy.

I'll start with a little something on the excelsior:

3x single cannons 1x DBB up front, 4x turrets in back

3-part Borg (legacy) set +Aegis shield

3x +26% phaser damage consoles, borg console, other universal console that gives +shield and aux power levels (can't remember name), Neut armor, +35% shields, SIF, and power transfer console.


Tac Team; C:RF I; BO III;
Aux2SIF 3; DEM II; 2x EPtS II, 2x EPtW I, Engie Team
Polarize Hull, HE II

Forward assault excelsior, brun down shields with C;RF, use BO3. Pretty simple, pretty survivable. Lets see some other cookie cutter builds! I have one for escort as well, but have to check it.

Archived Post 12-15-2011 12:15 PM

Galaxy Refit Tank/Support Build PvE STF Focus

Weapons (all with [borg] proc)
2x DBB, 1x Beam, 1x Har'Peng
3x Beam, 1x Har'Peng

Full Borg Set

ENG: 2x Neutronium, Field Generator (+35% shields), Inertial Dampener
SCI: Borg Console, Biofunction, Saucer Sep
TAC: 2x Phaser Relay

Cmdr Eng: EPtW I, EPtS II, ENG Team III, AtoSIF III
LtCmdr Eng: EptAux I, EPtS II, ENG Team III
Ensign Eng: EPtE I
Lt Tac: 2x FAW
Lt Sci: TSS I, HE II

This build is setup to absorb lots of damage and dish out major hull healing while drawing agro. Two copies of emergency to shields means constant boost to shield power and resist which gives great regen on borg shields. Beam Fire at Will is great for getting NPC ships to target you instead of teammates. The beauty of all the heals is I can use on myself to tank massive damage or keep a friendly escort up and running for a long time. I keep saucer sep in reserve if I get caught in tractor beam and really need to get out since separation usually breaks tractor beams. Evasive Maneuvers + Emergency to Engines is an instant ZOOM ZOOM combo to get away or get in healing range of a friend FAST. Don't PVP very often but this build has done reasonably in that setting as well.

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