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Archived Post 12-13-2011 10:41 AM

need Tac/Vor'cha build advice plz
Ok, to be fair I've decided to give this disaster one more shot after all that has happened.
Before the crash of Season-5, I was beginning to work on this build with my tactical captain.

T-4 Vor'cha:
Lt Tac: TT-1; CRF-1
Cmdr Eng: DEM-3; EP2W-3; EP2S-2; EP2S-1
Lt Eng: Aux2D-1; ET-1
LtSci: TSS-2; HE-1 or HE-2; TB-1 (for keeping those Defiant's close to the love)

4x disruptor single cannon fore
3x disruptor turret aft

2x disruptor coils
1x RCS, 1x Shield Emitter Amp, 1x Plasma Manifold
2x Halon

I know that she won't fly like a true escort nor do the spike damage, but she hung in there quite a bit longer than the normal glass cannon Defiant and she made those Galaxy's take notice. I prefer to think of her not as a cruiser but a heavy-heavy escort. I'm just tired of the one-trick-pony escort show and wanted to try something different.

She was loads of fun. But, if it weren't for AP Alpha, Tac Team and Tac Initiative I don't think it would have been viable.


Now that is what was - but can it be again?

Does anyone have a fair assessment of how the new space skill tree will affect this build?
Did TacTeam get the threatened nerf from back in September?
Is it possible to rack some other weapons on it now besides disruptors (this is begging for AP)?
What science consoles are practical now that halons don't exist anymore?

I would really love to take this to T-5.
Any opinions or suggestions?

(I personally think all the new F2P'rs need to be properly intimidated, so really want this to work...)

Archived Post 12-13-2011 02:06 PM

Why not A2Sif 3 instead of DEM3?
Just curiuos.

Archived Post 12-13-2011 02:11 PM

I fly a tac vor'cha refit at t5 and love it. Packs a punch, can tank for a bit. And its fast.

Currently i sport 2 DHCs, 1 DDB, 1 torp front and 4 turrets aft.

RCS console, the +35% shield console, borg assimilated console, 3 tetryon consoles. Rest is armor depend on opponent, for example kinetic and plasma 35 vs borg.

The kdf cruiser special consoles are junk, don't bother with them.

Archived Post 12-13-2011 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Roach (Post 3905873)
Why not A2Sif 3 instead of DEM3?
Just curiuos.

Cuz, uh.... then the other engineer wouldn't have anything to do at T5? :p

lol - Well I know she can't tank properly since I'm not an engie so I thought I'd go for the only damage buff available to me. And when I tried it - it seemed like the shields didn't even matter and that the hull was taking damage *through* the shields!

That being said, I guess really should put Aux2SIF up there somewhere T5.


Originally Posted by Idali
I fly a tac vor'cha refit at t5 and love it. Packs a punch, can tank for a bit. And its fast.

The kdf cruiser special consoles are junk, don't bother with them.

SO true on both counts...:cool:

Archived Post 12-14-2011 05:48 AM

Here is my current (from memory), anti borg stf setup:

Weapons: 2x DHC, 1x DBB, 1x Photon front, 4x turret aft. all mk11 [borg] tetryons

Engine, shield omega force mk11
deflector: positronic mk11
devices: subspace field modulator, aux bats to augment healing and deuterium for running away
eng console: +35 kinetic, +35 plasma/tetryon, RCs, +35 shield strength
sci: borg, somethign shield stuff
tac: 3x tetryon pulse

tac skills beside my own: BO1, Torpspread 1, CSV1
eng: ET1, 2xA2ID1, A2SIF3, EPT3, EPT2
Sci: TSS2, HE1

For pvp i switch the [borg] guns for [acc]x3 guns, insert the aegis deflector and engine and the honor guard shield for maximized defense. and sci powers as needed, but in general i leave them in this setup.

Flies liek a really heavy escort in this setup, does nice damage and can stay alive for a good deal of time. Definetly not a ship you can ignore in PvP.

And its very fast for a cruiser, i get up to a speed of over 170 in a flat out run, not full impulse.

Archived Post 01-27-2012 12:42 PM

I could use advice on loadout for the tier 4 vor'cha.

I'm guessing the refit is a lot more agile with the talk of turrets and DHCs, because my vor'cha feels more like a Fed cruiser. Right now I got two arrays and a torp in the back, in the front there's a torp, array, dual beams, and DHC (which I think i'm going to swap for a single cannon)

How does that sound?

Thing is just not doing it for me...I don't know what possessed me to get it when I was having so much fun with the BoP. Now I'm stuck with it for 10 levels. Betime I got the 80,000 dilithium to get the raptor or BoP i'd already be level 40, so yeah....fudge.

Wait...I just put 5 disruptor arrays on it, now everything dies in 20 seconds, if that lol...did I just make a "beam boat" that I'm always hearing about?

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