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Archived Post 12-13-2011 10:48 AM

Old Borg set not proccing anymore?
Ever since the Season 5 update, there's one specific thing I've noticed: the old borg "assimilated" space set doesn't seem to be firing off its procs at all. Or nearly so.

In approximately fifteen hours of gameplay, I've seen it proc precisely once- the shield regen proc went off. But that only occured when I had all four set pieces equipped.

With three equipped- the console, the engines, and the deflector, I should have access to the hull regen and the shield regen proc, but not the super tractor beam.

These are not going off. At all. Maybe it's a glitch with the new math or something, but I might as well be flying with normal shields/consoles/engines/deflectors, because right now they're providing a fat lot of nothing.

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