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Archived Post 12-15-2011 06:31 AM

Feedback on Holiday Presents
I just wanted to give some feedback on the holiday gift bags from the event. This isnít a thread about the JH drop rate, so if you have issues with that please post in one of the threads dedicated to that Ďissueí
What I wanted to bring attention to, and make suggestions on, are a few issues I had with way the presents were implemented. It could have been a fun event, but I found myself frustrated just opening a small stack of presents. With a few small changes I think the next event could be improved immensely.

1) Donít make 3 different delivery items. They were redundant, and when most people only receive blue and green presents from the event it upsets a lot of players. With a single present type at least all players would have had a chance of the better rewards without paying for them.

2) For the common presents donít "rewardĒ players with vendor trash. I opened up my boxes on a VA and found it extremely annoying how fast my inventory filled up with completely useless items. 90% of those, werenít even worth throwing on the AH. I honestly would have been LESS annoyed if the boxes only had holiday reward items in them.

3) Make what comes out of the boxes stack. Again, this goes back to the previous point, it fills up the inventory way to quickly and usually with items we donít want. If they stacked at least most players could open more than 2 or 3 before having to stop and clear out their inventory.

4) Give us a way to get rid of some of the rewards. The pets have absolutely no value in game, and thereís only so many you can give away. The holiday token recycling was a start, but we honestly should have a choice to recycle rewards or just decline them for a small EC/GPL stipend instead.

5) Finally, and this is one of my biggest issues with the system, donít recycle rare rewards from other systems that are still active. I got a buddy of mine to subscribe a few months back and received the Holographic Boff and tribble, and I was a little insulted when I received the Boff drop but couldnít claim it. The Rare drops should have only be either created FOR grab-bag events, or no longer available from other means. Giving out the rewards from another system really de-valuates both. I doubt it would have taken much time to create a new Boff/Tribble, heck you could have even used the veteran. But in the future, please donít make the rare rewards something which is still achievable.

What I would suggest for future events, instead of putting rewards in the bags make different tiered vouchers (Common to Very Rare, like loot). These vouchers would stack, and could then be turned into a special event vendor for different rewards. The rewards really don't have to change, but the players options is always appreciated. What I would like to see would be:

Common: Random Item box, Winter Survival Kit (Small amount of Hypos/Regenerators), Vehicle Winterizing Kit (Small amount of batteries/Components), Credit (EC/GPL)
Uncommon: Random Pet, Any lower level reward
Rare: Boff, Tribble, any lower level reward
VeryRare: Ship

Hopefully you find this helpful, Iíll try to add and refine it later.

Archived Post 12-24-2011 12:29 AM

Or just one voucher.
Different number of vouchers for each item. Let's say 100 for the ship.

They want to keep the ship limited, so it would have to be a steep price. But I've dumped about $100 trying to get that ship and I learned my lesson. As long as rewards are odds-based, I'm just going to ignore the rewards from now on. If I could spend $100 and know for certain I'll get the ship... Then I'll consider it.

Sorry to hijack your threat with a rant, anyway...

I like your idea of vouchers, but instead of chance determining which quality voucher you get, just make each item cost a certain number of universal vouchers. That way if you really want a certain item and you're willing to pay for it, the element of random chance is gone.

Archived Post 12-24-2011 02:53 AM

Roughly half of my red boxes from the c-store are blue boxes, which kind of sucks. Also the race rarely gives me blue and usually sticks with green. The trade in console was a great touch but latinum is currently worthless to me so it defeats the purpose....

Archived Post 12-27-2011 06:13 AM

I'm currently around 9,400 spent on red boxes, i've still got no ship to show for it, and latinum is still worthless in game.

Archived Post 12-27-2011 01:05 PM

After spending about $100 this month, roughly $75 of that going into red boxes, I've given up. Either there will be a ship under my tree from Santa Kirk or Cryptic has seen the last of my money. I can understand keeping the ship "ultra rare", but they can do that by making it very expensive. I'm just not willing to gamble another hundred in hopes of getting one.

Especially if it's only unlocked once and for one character on my account.

Archived Post 12-27-2011 04:10 PM

You're gonna learn the hard way, this is a scam with the odds stacked against you (less than 1%) and you are encouraging further behavior like this from Cryptic.

Archived Post 12-27-2011 11:49 PM

sad thing i s i can't argue that with how Cryptic is behaving lately as well as admitting i fell for it and hard

Archived Post 12-28-2011 04:20 AM

I've not spent one dime on the boxes. I've opened many red boxes ( somewhere around 17 ) and all of them from grinding out Dt and using the Dt Exchange and it's come out to be blue boxes more often than not. ( I've not directly kept track but I know I've opened four blue boxes and have put eleven of them into the fleet bank ) I've gotten one Photonic Sci BOff ( which I've got account wide unlocked so I gave it to a fleet mate ) and a gekli ( another account wide unlocked item )

I've got better chances wining the mega millions jackpot using the numbers from lost then I do of winning the Jem'Hadar bug ship

Archived Post 12-28-2011 06:08 AM

This event doesn't embody the holiday spirit at all... in any way... in any part except for Yoda and his lightsaber gifts...

I found myself grinding all 10 of my toons racing and getting a 50-1 ratio of green and blue (I still have only gotten 6 blue boxes) and 0 reds. I got 5 "gift" reds on one account and got all stuff I account-wide unlocked and totally useless and worthless to sell...

my real problem however is with the fact that the holiday junk isn't tradable... I have had a few toons still not get enough for even 1 scarf after all this time! just not getting the random drops I need... that made this event even less fun and enjoyable than it already was... which was pretty much not at all...

As for the uncommon equipment "junk" I couldn't agree more... it's totally worthless and has ruined the prices on the exchange for pretty much everything...

Archived Post 12-28-2011 08:22 AM

I know the feeling about our inventory getting crammed with garbage, however I have on a couple occassions lucked out with some nice Purple Mk 11 (and I can't recall but possibly Mk 12) gear. It would have been nice if the holiday crafting items were tradeable so that you could get the scarves on all characters. I've run into this problem as well. Through mere chance I have some characters that have gotten supply no problem, while others have almost nothing but garbage. Additionally, there's a bit of an insult in having a red present converted to blue, or a blue to a green. I'm not sure why this is done other than to make the chance of getting the real prize lower. The thing I don't understand about that though, is you could just build in the lower chance without having to have the item itself get downgraded. It seemed like 80% of my Red boxes converted to Blue anyway.

What concerns me about all of this inventory jamming that is going on, is that its entirely needless. We're pay to play players, and have quite a lot of inventory as is. The problem comes in the fact that there are so many borg bits they've added to the game that we have to collect (both defera and stf), there are millions of kinds of anomaly, hordes of foods, and you need such a fat stack of consumables to do STF's that there really is no room in the inventory. Inventory is my biggest qualm with the whole thing in this f2p update. We keep getting loaded down with 'cool' filler equipment that does absolutely nothing, or a minimal something like the holiday popper. I like these items, but what concerns me is that there are all manner of other needed items that take up far too much room. Would it be so bad if they gave us different kinds of inventory? Anomaly Data should be stored in the 'Ships computer', another set of storage altogether, and food should go in the Mess hall. This might give us an excuse to actually go to these areas of the ship. Additionally, it would allow us to take these items out of our regular inventory while at the same time adding to the overall feeling of star trek. For commodities, give us Cargo bays to stuff items in. Once they've done this, we'd have room for all manner of these other bits and pieces that keep getting added.

I can tell you, my crafter is stuffed to the gills because he has every crafting material and gets a lot of use in STF's so he has to have a lot of consumables. Elite mode just makes this issue worse. Additionally, I really wish we had more device slots. With all the garbage they give us to deal with the borg, 4 is hardly enough.

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