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Archived Post 12-15-2011 09:16 PM

Your Favorite Enterprise?
Just some mindless fun, keep it simple, keep it friendly. Which is your favorite and why? :) Include art or a clip or whatnot regarding.

Mine was the Enterprise C (ambassador class). Not too futuristic to be shallow, not too dated to be boring. She had heart.

Enterprise C Battle of Naranda III

Archived Post 12-15-2011 09:35 PM

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E Sovereign Class Starship purely for looks in my mind its the sleekest of them all. Its too bad in game the Excelsior is better in terms of fire power.

Archived Post 12-16-2011 02:31 AM

My favorite Enterprise is the CV-6, Yorktown-class. The Big E, Lucky E, The Grey Ghost, The Galopping Ghost. The real hero ship.

What? :D

Archived Post 12-16-2011 02:33 AM

Well I have to go with the Ent-E here.

Although I have some love for the "without-a-letter-refit/A", too.
The NX is a good third.

Archived Post 12-16-2011 02:50 AM

I always loved the Galaxy, even though it is flawed.
The Constitution Refit also looks nice.

Archived Post 12-16-2011 04:02 AM

The Enterprise 1701 refit/1701-A will always be my favorite Enterprise. The Ent-D and Ent-E are close seconds.

Archived Post 12-16-2011 05:00 AM

Definately the Soverign, she's a beaut.

Archived Post 12-16-2011 06:36 AM

I'm going to go with Enterprise - C. The Ambassador-Class ships were just the heavy hitters of their time. And really bridged the gap between the old and new designs. Before the teacup sausers and the stretched out connies. That's just my humbled opinion of course.

Archived Post 12-16-2011 06:37 AM

Yep, Enterprise-E. Pure sex on nacelles.

Archived Post 12-16-2011 06:41 AM

My favorite is the Enterprise-B. Only wish we saw more of her...

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