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Archived Post 11-29-2011 08:39 AM

Star Wars: The Old Republic
I'm pretty sure at this point we are all aware of this game. Its been the largest source of MMO hype since Warhammer Online came out a few years ago. Last weekend was their final beta weekend, and the final game is slated to be released on Dec 20. With SWTOR racking up pre-orders at an alarming rate will STO be able to stay afloat? Or will it make like a straw hut in a tsunami?

Archived Post 11-29-2011 08:42 AM

From what I have seen in the Beta, it's mostly a ground game. The Space flier types will probably stick with STO. Then some will play both, and some will switch over (those who like a ground game more) . The game still has some issues, but it does look sleeker than STO, but the controls are a bit wobbly still (IMHO)

Archived Post 11-29-2011 08:52 AM

Well, this thread will be closed as soon as Stormshade sees it.

Until then, I played TOR all weekend. It does some things really well. It does some things horribly badly.

Other than the voice acting (excellently done) and the Star Wars setting, it isn't anything you haven't done before in an MMO.

And you run. A lot.

I probably won't subscribe to it for a while, but it was fun. I think they are different enough from each other to both do fine.

Archived Post 11-29-2011 11:12 AM

*n before close*

Well TOR... I still believe that game is the main reason for STO going f2p.

I have played it that weekend and have prety mixed feelings...

On the one hand.... the story telling is just amazing.
Playing it never felt like playing an mmo. I never had the urge of reching the next level... just to see how the story goes on.
The Atmosphere is awsome.

But that alone would make it as much a challange for STO as Mass Effect.

But... thats it.
It is "standard" in every regard, even *** had more inovation. WoW with lightsabers.
Classes are 100% cought in their rules, no variation in equipment f.e: A class is depending on spezialisation (wich can not be changed) always the exact same weapon: A Jedi cant switch from 2 lightsabers to a singel one or a dual blade, the smuggler will never use anything but a blaster ect.

Controlls seem sligish and..Costumisation? I didnt expect a second STO in that regard.
But when I played LTRO and *** I always had the issue of disliking the visuals of the clothing with the best stats. Both games got a fuction to use one one Armors visuals while using another one.
You might thing... after that function was requestet obviously in mulitble MMOs that woked exactly the same way... they would bring that function here from the start?
Nope, they didnt.
And that with at parts REALLY awfull looking equipment (Male Sith inquisitors and Jedi couselors are destined to wear womens clothes... all the time... oh they call it "Robes")

So after all.... before the f2p build reached tribble.... I would have said "sto is still the far superior game". I would have played TOR for the story once, but as a side game and wouldnt have unsuscribet STO even a day for it.
With the upcoming f2p changes I'll switsh to there anyway, not because TOR is better, just becuase STO is going to be unplayable.

Archived Post 11-29-2011 11:22 AM

I also played it over the weekend. The graphics are neat and the story content was fantastic that was nicely added to with some really good voice acting but it felt like a Wow with a Star Wars mod.

The ground combat was really nicely done but I felt like I was a generic character, I was really taken back by how few options to customize my toon there was. I've gotten used to being able to create ANYTHING or darn near it in the Cryptic character creation process. I felt like i looked like every other smuggler in town. It was an eye opener for me because I haven't played many MMO's since coming to STO, i forgot how many option we have as players here. From Ship to Toon we can customize everything in STO...I found that seriously lacking in SWTOR.

There are things they do well in SWTOR, the ground combat was nicely polished but I missed my star ship.


Archived Post 11-29-2011 11:25 AM

In before close

But SW:ToR rocks, it's sad playing that game and realising just how much content and polish STO is lacking.

I'm laying down my Starfleet issue phaser and donning a lightsabre when Dec 15th hits (got my preorder early access) :-)

Archived Post 11-29-2011 11:33 AM

funny as there for a number of threads in the tor forums saying how it sucks, or will fail or bioware blew it.

its nice to know they get doom threads in a galaxy far far away as well.

sto and tor will both be around for ages.

Archived Post 11-29-2011 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
funny as there for a number of threads in the tor forums saying how it sucks, or will fail or bioware blew it.

its nice to know they get doom threads in a galaxy far far away as well.

sto and tor will both be around for ages.

Nobody said it sucks, just that it isnt that great....
WoW didnt fail either and... well it pittifully isnt that far away from wow.

Archived Post 11-29-2011 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by FirstAngelus (Post 3879757)
Nobody said it sucks, just that it isnt that great....

some people think it sucks. i may have paraphrased the word 'sucks' but their reviews were scathing in how much they did not like it.

i dont find that surprising and they are in the minority but some people hated it.

Archived Post 11-29-2011 11:49 AM

played the beta this weekend...

i wasn't overly impressed

it's fun but it's not worth $15 to me...

i had one repeatable crash (end of first flashpoint, and i wasn't the only one)
a pixel error (there is a bright orange fixed pixel on the screen that never goes away, once you've seen it you can't look away anymore)
and 2 quests that were just broken and could not be finished.

the graphics...
lets just say the graphics will not make me want to buy this game... and STO just looks better.

i did not like that in the whole time i played i did not find a single Helmet (i was on the 2nd planet already and a lvl 15 Bounty Hunter... in 2 days... but no Helmet anywhere, not on me, not on any other Players... that sux, i want my Helmet.... it's raining... my hair gets wet...)

the armor that i had made me look like a clown most of the time...
and every other Bounty Hunter had more or less the same armor pieces that if found myself...

the good about it is the *open world* you constantly run into other players, see them do their thing, sometimes you team up for a quest or two and move on (just because you see that other guy is doing the same thing as you), and i was playing a "Flashpoint" (which is something like a STF maybe?) on level 10 already together with other players... -> feels much more like an MMO

that was a bit more fun than STO's singleplayer missions all the time...
but in the end i would not want to trade.

give me some proper open world planets and a bunch of good voice overs for STO and i'm happy with STO as it is... just... add more content ASAP plz.

quest bugs (show stoppers)
no anti aliasing option
at the end of beta does not say quality product to me, but rather rushed development...

this all feels very familiar,
where have i seen this pattern before?
oh right... every other MMO i ever played.

first sell the most expensive Pre Order Retail Box you can justify with an unfinished and unpolished Product, then suck out the Subscription market for one or two years and when the Retail Box is cheaper then the subscription change to F2P.

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