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please remove post

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Originally Posted by GATSIE
Does anyone else feel like the elite runs should have a time increase for optionals?
Does anyone else feel like there should be restictions on who can do the elite runs?
Does anyone else feel the MK XII Tech Drops should be more often then they are know?
Does anyone else feel like they are getting O.C.D. from running them over and over?

Does anyone think CRYPTIC should listen more to us before we all decide to quit spending our money ?

1. No, i feel the consistent timer is part of what makes them Elite. The mission objectives are the same, but you have to deal with the tougher enemies.

2. Yes, i do think should be at least accolade locked. Say like a " You finished 40 Infected Space [Normal], unlocked "BlahBlah" title, unlocked Infected Space [Elite] mission." Or when you unlock an Mk XI gound set costume, then the ground Elites unlock.

3. Yes, but only a slightly higher chance.

4... *Joins STF queue... rearranges items on deskstop while waiting for a full team... answers* No...

5. Gozer was VERY receptive to feedback when he started the new STFs on Tribble and he very much so adjusted their mobs "numbers" and strengths according to player feedback.

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