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Archived Post 12-25-2011 05:50 PM

What are the chances?
I was thinking about some threads I had been reading such as one that pointed out Klingons need more weapons in general that are Klingon-specific(glowing or not), or no longer having the option to Craft or earn ships or some items in game like the Delta Flyer.

What is for every game item outside of costumes and services obviously, there was a 10 minutes or less mission that went along with the purchase. That way you are not just unlocking an item for use, you are getting a "C-store exclusive" story missions that go along with each item you purchase for those now unfortunately per-character item unlocks even down to a 'targ' pet.

Since it seems that users can crank out reasonable quick and FUN foundry missions in a reasonable manner, why couldn't or two staff members spend the time making small missions that are quicker than the Delta Flyer missions that explain how you got those items in an in-game universe context.

It may even be a solution to the request from some of those who wish to see some STF items become C-store unlocks to avoid the ridiculous grinds. Add new single-player C-store missions for such items to allow players to get them as an end reward. I know that would get me to purchase those Borg parts if it was just a little more than "fleecing" where I got "official" story content to boot! :p

What do you guys think?

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