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Archived Post 01-01-2012 01:38 PM

Heal Power Priority
I have noticed that in ground pvp after you hit a hypo or a healing power, it waits until you are done firering before it applies itself. I would love to see a priority over weapons fire for heals. If you are in the middle of the firering activation period and you hit a heal it would stop your shot and apply your heal. After you heal you can then fire again. This has happened to me to many times where I am in a drawn out fire fight and I notice I am low on health and hit a hypo to no avail because my toon is still trying to fire. As my dead body falls to the ground, the foreign sequence timer ends and my hypo finally tries to heal me but it is too late. It seems unfair to consciously do the action of hitting that hypo but not getting any results because of a shot that I won't be alive to make. Thanks I hope you take tips seriously for the future.

Archived Post 01-02-2012 10:31 PM

it isn't just ground, the UI is laggy even in space if you try an activate too much at once 1 or 2 skills will need a another attempt.

Archived Post 01-03-2012 08:57 AM

Worst UI ever

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