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Archived Post 01-03-2012 06:06 AM

What would you say to a class point system ??
What would you say. If they removed the class select section of the character creator and replace it with a class point system.

Where after every mission,ECT you were awared a set number of class points that you could use on either TACTICAL,SCIENCE or ENGINEERING.

This class point system would be on the same skill page and you just selected were you wanted the class skill points to go.

say you just got 20 class skill points from your last mission.

You could put 5 class points in Engineering, 5 points in Science and 10 points in tactical.

the Class skill point system will be divided up into 10 levels per class at around 100 pts to reach level 1 and 2 times that or 200 points to reach level 2 and 400 points to reach level 3 and so on.

Levels 1-6 will increase the overall abilities of your BOFF's and your own abilities by an unknown percent factor.

Levels 7-10 will allow your character to train any level 3 skill to any of your BOFFS.

This way everyone is one the same playing field from the start.

The only difference is how the gamer/player spends their class points.

Archived Post 01-03-2012 12:21 PM

If there were changes being made I'd rather go the other way and separate the classes even more. There's no real difference in the way that the classes play other than one's more aggressive then the other two so making them even more similar to the point that they can train each others level 3 skills doesn't seem like an improvement over what we have.
If you also had access to the other classes Captain skills as well then I couldn't see anything good come out of that. Just for ground skills I can think of some very unpleasant combinations of Tactical and Science skills, Space would be even harder to arrange with the 10 Captain skills that are available at VA unless they were all completely changed too to prevent any obviously broken combinations.

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