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Archived Post 01-03-2012 10:04 AM

Corsair Cruiser Price?
The Corsair Cruiser retails for 1200 c points, the same price as all the Brigadier general ships even though its a commander rank ship. commander rank ships usually retail for 800 c points. Id love to pick it up on this last chance sale but the discrepancy in price compared to all the other ships in its tier makes me think there's been some error in pricing. anyone have a clue about this? do the drones make it more expensive? am I missing some obvious post about this very subject?

Archived Post 01-03-2012 10:24 AM

I don't know why the have it at that price right now, but after F2P goes live that will be the Price of all Captain level ships.

To use the prices on Tribble as an example,

T2 = 400
T3 = 800 (Dacoit Flight Deck)
T4 = 1200 (Corsair Flight Deck)
T5 = 1600

So there will be a 400 point gap between each Tier.

Hope that helps.

Archived Post 01-07-2012 06:16 PM

Yeah, I agree. I posted about this back in the middle of December, and got no response. The reason I think that was, was because of the price jump of many ships across the board. I took another look just now at all the ship prices for both fed and KDF, and found that new higher prices have been instituted.

LTC = 400cp
CMD = 800cp
CPT = 1200cp
RA/BG = 1600cp
VA/LG/Special = 2000cp

I think That the KDF gets really shafted on this due to the very short time that we spend in our ships under Brigadier General. You can blow right through the levels in a stupidly short time frame. If they want to justify the price for the KDF ships at the current level, Cryptic should REALLY work on putting new KDF missions and greatly expand the KDF story line. The handful of missions the KDF do have, are really good. However, they REALLY need to make many more and bring the KDF somewhere within screaming distance of the Federation as far as content and stop treating KDF like an annoyance.

The idea to make a third faction should be shelved until they can do this, otherwise history will repeat itself, and you will end up 2 hobbled factions. You will have :DTHE FEDERATION:D, the other guys :mad:, and coolshipbrolol :confused:

Back to the point, I detest the new ship prices based on the lack of time KDF spend in those ships. To top it off KDF players cant customize the exteriors of the new ships either.

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