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PvP - Ideas to Add Substance
Stephen D’Angelo, from here.


We’re already at work on the design of Season 6, which is being targeted for a June release. So what’s on the short list of features being worked on? We’re looking at doing some major upgrades on some key parts of the game. Foundry, PvP, and crafting are scheduled to get significant improvements, and there should also be some new features such as a fleet advancement system. We’ll share more details later as Season 6 comes into better focus.
I've been around awhile, and last time PvP was getting content attention in a Season patch the result was the loss of the mine space map and the addition of the town ground PvP map.

Even the PvP community in STO knows that PvP gameplay in STO leaves a lot to be desired. More than anything else, what PvP lacks in Season 5 is exactly what it has lacked since Season 2 - a purpose. Ironically, in Season 1 PvP had a purpose - it was the fastest way to level and earn the top gear in the game. I know, that was as much about the lack of content everywhere else than PvP, but it was at least something that gave PvP in STO a reason for participation. Today, no such reason exists, and as such PvP has not evolved in STO at all.

So my question is - what would make you or your fleet more interested in PvP? I think everyone knows that successful PvP in MMORPGs must include some tangible purpose or reward, and I think everyone would agree that doesn't exist in STO. So my question to the community is, what tangible purpose or reward would encourage you to PvP?

For example - it has been rumored that the upcoming PvP changes will include open PvP zones like Ker'rat. OK, if we assume that, what should be the rewards?

Would a unique set found only in PvP zones encourage participation? What if the only item found in the PvP zone was unique blueprints for unique items? If EDC or Borg Salvage could be obtained in PvP zones, would you do that instead of STF? Are there other rewards that would make PvP more compelling?

Finally, I for one would really like to see PvP incorporated into the Foundry. If scenarios could be designed to compete multiple players against each other - well, in many ways the Foundry could be the mechanism by which PvP could include among other things - SPORTS - in STO.

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What would make PvP more interesting? I'd start with fixing the bugs and addressing balance issues. After that a new mission goal (or 2 or 3) to add to Arena and C&H.

Archived Post 01-05-2012 08:43 AM

Well, for what it's worth here's my idea for an expanded Galaxy Map which includes a 3-way PvP territory control section in the upper right section:

What comes to my mind right now would be special vendors in conquered territories or additional daily missions you could complete.

Archived Post 01-05-2012 09:41 AM

Environments with more natural hazards and terrain.

Like, I would like to see a Briar Patch PvP zone. Explosive Metreon gas pockets, plenty of big asteroids to doge behind, gas pockets that mimic the Theta radion (shield and crew killer), 'Mutara nebula' pockets that shut down shields and penalize accuracy, asteroid clusters/nebula that have an AOE Mask Energy Signature, Ion clouds that do slight damage (5/sec) to hull but keep you from High Impulse.

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I am going to move this to the PvP forum because we have some devs who will be working on the PvP updates watching it. Keep the ideas coming!


Brandon =/\=

Archived Post 01-05-2012 11:18 AM

How about adding to fluff (or even not-fluff) special effects to some of those ground maps like explosions, mortar fire and smoke that effects the NPCs that may be in said enviroment to give a better sense of immersion?

Archived Post 01-05-2012 11:50 AM

Open PvP Sector/Exploration Space. Easy player entry, but series of grinding missions including PvP to leave unless character has been active for 1/2 hour in Open PvP Space for a total 14 different days.

PvP Player owned stations. Resources for station upkeep only available in the Open PvP Sector/Exlporation Space. Ship injuries. Boff injuries. Only Fleets of 50 active members or more may build a station, or alliance of 5 Fleets of 10 active members. The fleets members set own policy of who they allow in their base and when and for what cost w/the exception of PvP raids from other players.

Ship critical and major injuries in Open PvP Sector/Exploration Space which can only be fixed at a PvP Player owned station at a time and resource cost. Some missions can be used to reduce time and an increase in resource cost and player missions/tasks. Ship minor injuries have timer which can be sped up w/onboard Doff/player missions in Engineering.

Boff sickbay for major/minor crew injuries. Use player ship sickbay to treat Boffs to speed recovery time. Critical Boff injuries need to go to Player owned station w/medical facilaties.

Multiple zones of Open PvP/Exploration Space w/tech resource driving max amount of player owned stations/zone.

Doffs could acquire small amounts of resources for ship needs, but for the amount needed Stations would require player station resouce raids or fighting it out in resource locations. Scanning/Recon type efforts required to find these locations. Diplomacy/Maurading could be used to to acquire resources from alien NPCs, but would require PvPvE interaction on a regular basis.

Archived Post 01-05-2012 12:22 PM

I would like a new lag free UI so when I activate powers, they you know activate. Nothing like hitting HYT and press fire and only one torp comes out and you see your HYT still available.

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Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
I am going to move this to the PvP forum because we have some devs who will be working on the PvP updates watching it. Keep the ideas coming!


Brandon =/\=

Well that would certainly mark a change in procedure.

Archived Post 01-05-2012 01:10 PM

Fleet based defendable/attackable bases:

1) When manned by 5+ fleet members, it enters an attackable queue similar to current pvp queue system.
2) Fleet members can complete missions to add certain capabilities to the station and fleet leaders can create certain design elements.
3) The 5 "stations" on the base are manned and controlled simialr to space combat
4) When space combat is completed and the attacker wins, have an option for ground combat to begin inside base.

I would go on and on with suggestions, but I doubt it would do any good...

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