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Archived Post 01-05-2012 01:52 PM

Useful Command line for troubleshooting in STO
I came across these today while looking at the DX 11 settings. Typically to use these it is /<command> 0 to disable 1 to enable. At least one of these, netgraph, has more than one enable value with different results

example: /netgraph 2

/fpsgraph Enables a graph showing recent frame times
/fpshisto Enables a histogram of frame times
/showfps Displays frame rate
/showmem Displays process memory usage

Packet loss/Packet Meters
/netTimingGraph Not very Usefull at all
/netTimingGraphAlpha 4 pane network latency graph I am just starting to decipher, I think the top Right is FPS and the other three are packet.

/netgraph (use 2 not 1 to enable a more usefull dataset)A simple list of packet Sent/recieved and ping time

For a full list of Commands you can use:
/cmds <string> search for commands including the <string> for instance /cmds net will find all commands including net in the command


Archived Post 02-09-2012 04:35 PM

Does anyone know other useful troubleshooting commands beyond this?

FYI - Alt-F4 would not be considered useful.

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