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Welcome Back, here's everything that changed while you were gone
This thread is for people returning to the game who would like to know what's changed. It's not a conclusive list, but it's an attempt at being a good enough primer to bring you up to speed. I'll cover all of the previous seasons, leave anything out that has been changed recently or removed. If anything's wrong (which is completely possible), feel free to make a correction as a reply and I'll fix it.

More recently, info on events or upcoming changes can be found on the Season 5 Dev Blog Here.

These are a couple of helpful channels you may wish to subscribe to: (Blatently ripped from the STO Wiki Global Channel Directory
accolades: Ask about or find out about accolades
REDALERT/red alert - Borg invasion channel. REDALERT is a primary information channel.
STF - For normal STF Groups
EliteSTF - For Elite STF Groups
DOFFJobs - For finding out what Doff assignments are where.
Foundry - Directish connection to Foundry authors
NPH - New Player Help

The ;tldr version of this is on the STO wiki on the article STO Timeline by PhyrexianHero. It's nicely timelined so you can see exactly what happened when.

Season 1
PvP map: Shanty Town (Ground Capture and Hold)
Instead of capturing and holding control points like in Space CnH, you instead attempt to upload viruses to either the midway security console (in the trench at the center of the map) or the enemy's command post. The command post is worth more, but harder to get to and more heavily protected by map turrets. Killing enemy captains will also count towards your team's score.
Fleet Actions: The Big Dig
Attempt to reclaim a archeological site that is now under attack by Romulan and Reman forces. Save the scientists, eliminate the enemy threat, protect the artifacts, and neutralize the enemy command structure.
Klingons: Access to Fleet Actions
Breaking the planet, The Big Dig, and the Crystalline Entity are accessible from the Omega Leonis Sector
Ability to respec your character's skill points. (Thanks Latinumbar)
Bridge Packs
Different maps for your Bridge.
Captain's Table
Semi-private social area for Lifetime subscribers and 400-day veterans. Access to bar vendor, ship and captain tailor, bank, exchange, and mail. Accessible through the Amigma Nebula in space either at Qo'Nos or Earth.
Turn Rate is now dependent upon your ship's Engine power levels.
Special Task Force missions

Borg Raids which require team work and strategy to complete. Grant ECDs and Borg Salvage which can be used to claim items from the STF vendor on DS9.
See these threads for more details: (Primer Guide to STFs, must read for players new to STFs) (Guide to STF loot)
Adjustable Difficulty: Normal (Easy), Advanced (Medium), Elite (Hard). Experience gains and loot drops scale with difficulty. Difficulty can be changed through the mission log or the options screen under the basic tab.

Injury Death Penalties

Missions on Elite and Advanced will give death penalties in the form of Injuries. When you die, you have a chance to sustain injuries. They come in three flavors, minor, major, and critical. The more injuries you accrue, the more likely you are to get injured, and the more severe they will be.
Injuries debuff your character in some way, mouse over the debuff icon to see what exactly they do. In space, your ship will become injured, while on the ground your captain or bridge officers can become injured. Injuries can be removed with Regenerators (Ground Injuries) or Components (Space Injuries) while in the field. ESD, K7, DS9, Qo'Nos and Ganalda have NPCs who can space and ground heal injuries respectively.

Autofire now works for multiple weapon slots. Right click on the weapon slot you wish the computer to handle firing and it will be marked green in the HUD. It's really not a good idea to have this on when you're fighting the endgame borg for the first time or on a ground STF.
Squad System: Teams can now match their team leader's level.

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Season 2
Level Cap Raised to VA (50)
Specialized Career abilities.
Tactical: Tactical Fleet (Space)/Strike Team(Ground)
Engineering: Engineering Fleet(Space)/Engineering Proficiency(Ground)
Science: Science Fleet(Space)/Scientific Aptitude(Ground)
End-game dailies (repeatable missions which award Dilithium ore)
Fleet Actions: Fludic Space
Protect and Herd the Gekli from marauding Undine. Then using the Gekli's natural abilities to form and close Dimensional rifts, close the Undine portals.
Ship Interiors (Accessible from the Bridge)

Two sections: Crew and Engineering Decks.
Mess Hall (Crew Deck) allows for additional trophy space and unique ground trophy display.
Transporter room (Engineering Deck) serves as temporary shuttle bay (Transfer from Ship to shuttle craft without having to go to a base to do so).
Federation Diplomatic Corp

Allows Federation characters to gain CXP for Diplomacy in Explore missions. 10 DXP each. Advancing through Tiers allows different interactions with Jiro Sugihara. Upon Reaching Ambassador level allows for the purchasing of a purple cross-faction Bridge Officer of your choosing.
Special Diplomacy Missions:
Vulcan: Ancestral Sin
Starbase 39 Trade Dispute
Memory Alpha:

Taste of Home: Buy a Jumja Stick and bring it back to O'Brien
Family Ties: Help bring the Ferangi brothers together
Shady Supplies: Investigate one of the brother's shady dealings
Hostile Takeover: Help one of the brothers move in on the other
Quarantine: Deliver a sample of a lethal virus to a Doctor on K7
Fleet Emblems

Waveform Modulation: When scanning anomalies, match the red wave pattern to the blue wave pattern either with the onscreen or keyboard arrows. Success grants additional samples and occassionally rare samples used to craft purple items. To skip the minigame, press f.
Dabo: Earn Gold Pressed Latinum for trophies, holo-emitters or Duty Officer Trade Missions. You can either wager GPL or Energy Credits. Bet on slots, scoring loosely resembles a slot machine. Can bet on up to three slots.
Undine Missions (Level 44, in Pelia Sector next to Gamma Orionis)(Both factions)
Klingon-faction Missions (in Omega Leonis)
Feature Series: The Breen

Both factions render assistance to the Deferi in the Deferi sector block. Each mission rewards a unique item, and also grants the Breen Ship set. Feature Episode replays will grant the Breen Tactical Bridge Officer reward for the final mission.
Notable Rewards:
  • Cryo-Grenade: Consumable freezing grenades. Once you've earned this, it's sold by the Ferangi Vendor at the Vistor's center at certain times.
  • Breen Set
  • Transphasic Cluster Mine Torpedo - Launches a torpedo that deploys a field of transphasic mines
  • Rapid Transphasic Torpedoes - Transphasic torpedoes that have a faster cooldown rate
  • Crate of Snow Tubers - Create Cold Tribble
  • Biothermal Dampener - Social device that causes snow when thrown
  • CRM2000 - Freezing Assault rifle. Secondary fires a cone that has a high chance to freeze enemies. Effective against the Borg
Breen Dailies in Orellius sector space:
  • Emancipation: This occurs in Zaria. It's similar to the ground portion of the Featured Episode mission that occurs at this very same location.
  • Aid the Deferi: This has three sub missions which are random each day. They occur at Deferi Outpost 3, Deferi Patrols which wander around the lower portion of the sector (most noticably around Defera or Deferi Outpost 3), and the Kelvani belt. There's a small chance to encounter a Breen Flagship in each of these areas which are part of an accolade.
  • Rescue Deferi Captives: This is an encounter with the Breen ships in the upper portion of the sector. For federation, the goal is to rescue the Captives. For Klingons, the goal is to crush the Breen. Either side can free the Captives, either by jamming the Breen's sensors in a specific dialouge path or pay 1000 GPL.
Science Ships now have a Science Analysis buff which stacks on you while targeting an enemy. The longer your targeted an enemy, the more the buff will stack (up to maximum of 10). The buff will clear if you change targets. Boosts your weapon damage and subsystem targeting.


Unlocked for reaching certain achievement benchmarks or actions. They also have a point system attached to them, but it's only useful for bragging rights. Certain accolades unlock trophies for your ship interior. (Guide to what accolades are available, what they do, what trophies they have, and how to get them)
Quantum Slipstream Drive: Upon reaching Vice Admiral, players are granted the ability to use Quantum Slipstream Drive in sector space. QSD enables the player to go extremely fast through sector space for a short time. Driver Coil increases the speed of QSD.

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Season 3

User Generated Content missions. Allows players to create missions that other players can play. Uses Dilithium to buy more mission slots.
Episode Replay

Accessible through new Mission log. Certain missions offer unique items for replay. Mission rewards should scale to level, except for certain items.
Featured Episode: The Devidian

Thwart the Devidians plan to turn the Federation-Klingon conflict into a feeding ground. During Episode Reruns, the Ophidian Cane is granted as a reward for the final mission.
Notable Rewards:
  • TOS Type III Phaser Rifle
  • TOS Type II Stun Phaser Pistol
  • TOS Disruptor Compression Pistol
  • TOS Fore and Aft phasers
  • Phase Shifted Shields (Bonus defense against Psionic attacks) (Not PHASER shifted...guh)
  • Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Assault Rifle - Essentially an Assault weapon with Antiproton and Proton attacks, Proton attack is a chain lightning exploit attack.
  • Triolic Pattern Enhancer - Ground Damage resistance AoE buff that functions like a shield generator. Also has a slight chance to summon a TOS Federation or Klingon who may be friendly or hostile. Also has a slight chance of summoning a Devidian. Also alters the Ophidian cane.
  • Subspace Field Modulator - Space Damage resistance buff.
Eta Eridani Dailies

There are now four dailies in Eta Eridani, each one involving the True Way.
  • Traelus - Satellite Repair (The only real way to fail this is to allow the last Satellite be destroyed)
  • Shi'mar - Moving Neutral freighter near Zibal. Klingons have the option to destroy the freighter. Additionally you can give the frighter medical supplies, but I don't know what that does yet. General Idea is to protect the Shi'mar from the incoming True Way forces. Fails if they kill the Shi'mar.
  • Alhena - Protect a Ferangi Deuterium seller's Deuterium tanks from marauding True Way forces. Fails if too many tanks blow up. The larger ships have a chance to drop Data chips used to unlock the fourth "daily". At the end, you are awarded with Deuterium Surplus, which acts as a consumable Evasive Maneuvers. Each tank that you save also gives one additional Surplus, but can only be claimed once. In other words, if your in a team, it only gives the Surplus to the first person who interacts with it.
  • Donatu - To unlock this mission, you must have 10 Data chips. You must navigate through a debris field to the Cardassian salvage yard and destroy the salvaged ship. You can also gather intelligence by talking with the Cardassian contact.
Featured Episode: The Remans

Discover the effect of the Hobus Supernova on the Romulan and Reman people, and the conspiracy around it. During Episode reruns, a Reman Science Bridge Officer is an optional reward for the final mission.
Notable Rewards:
  • Scorpian Fighters - Consumable, launches a wave of Scorpian fighters to fight for you.
  • Shuttle/Fighter weapons
  • Horta Hatchling social pet
  • Horta combat pet schematics
  • Romulan Disruptor split rifle/Wide beam pistol
  • Reman Covariant Ship Shields
  • Tractor Beam mines
Sector Space graphical Overhaul (Can disable Holographic overlay for more Realistic look)

Auxiliary Craft

Players can now fly additional Auxiliary craft aside from the runabout. Players can switch over to Auxiliary craft either from a major Social Hub or from their transporter room.
Crafting Revamp

Crafting usually only takes one particular sample, but requires schematics which can be crafted from the lowest tier samples (red). They can also be bought from the general merchant at Memory Alpha. More rarer items will require rare samples to be crafted. Rare samples can be obtained through Critical Successes in Doff Science/Exploration Missions or the Waveform minigame.

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Season 4
Ground combat revamp

Shooter mode: Allows players to play ground as a third person shooter. B key by default, press LMouse to fire first highlighted tray power, MWheel to fire second highlighted tray power, RMouse to fire third highlighted tray power. R to move highlighter up, T to move highlighter right)

Ground shield and health values lowered for faster combat.
Weapons fire faster, sounds reworked, powers adjusted, etc.

X (default): Aim mode - Grants a buff that increases damage by 33% as long as you're in this mode. Breaks if you run or jump. Slows you movement.

C (Default): Crouch - Grants a bonus to dodging ranged weapons by 50%, makes you extremely vulnerable to melee attacks by 100%. Breaks on movement.

Ground Borg now adapt to damage types. Require a Frequency Modulator (replicatable) or better to overcome adaption. If you have been adapted to, the Borg will have "ADAPTED" show up as damage instead. You'll also have a yellow remod icon appear over your shoulder, and the "They've Adapted" debuff will appear on your buff bar indicating which damage type they've adapted to.
Ground Borg can also assimilate you. They will infect you with a Nanovirus infestation for 4 minutes. In that time, if you health drops to 10%, you'll be borgified. The Nanovirus infestation or Assimilated debuff can be cleared with Nanite Health Monitor. The Nanovirus infestation can also be cleared by Nanite Hyposprays dropped in STFs.
UI updates

Additional Costume slots can now be designated as Uniform, Off-duty, Formal (C-Store), or M.A.C.O./Omega/Honor Guard
Space power tray can now be displayed with Bridge Officer toolbar
Qo'Nos revamp
Starfleet Academy

Borg Space Incursions

Borg incursions occur in the most sector blocks. They each have their own timer when they happen, respective to each of the sectors they happen in. Click on the Red Alert button to join in the repulsion force. Klingon and Federation captains work together to fight off the borg. All Red Alert Instances except for Orellius and Zeta are 45. All players will be brought to level 45 during the engagement.
The goal is to destroy 4 Borg groups, and then deal with the Borg command ship. When fighting the command ship, always destroy the Regeneration Probes, as they will heal the command ship. Tractor Probes and normal Probes are just a distraction, so don't worry about them. The Plasma Bolt the command ship fires will instantly kill you if it touches you like a specific motion picture villian, but they are destructible.
There's a chat channel called "Red Alert" which is usually a good way to find out where Red Alerts happen.
Fleet Actions are now handled by the PvE queue. Private instances of Fleet Actions can now be formed through the Queue.

Voice Chat

This can be disabled in the options. Silver members will have Vivox access, but have commericals play also. Some people use these in group missions such as STFs. If you wish to mute a specific team member, click on the C icon next to their health window. To boost their volume, mouse over the C icon and adjust the slider as needed.

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Season 5

Skill Revamp

Skills were made more streamlined. Each specific skill does affects a specific facet of combat. (If you have questions about a specific skill, go ahead and ask, because I'm unfortunately too lazy to list them all and explain what they do. Sorry)
STO Academy Skillplanner by Attilio (this is a pretty useful tool, it's be updated regularly by attilio. Good idea for conceptually prototyping your skill build)
STF Revamp

Each STF is now separated into two separate portions, ground and space. They are each independent of each other, meaning that you can do one without having to do the other. There's a 1 hour cooldown for each individual outing (i.e. Do Infected Ground once, wait 1 hour to do it again while others can be done already)

It's strongly suggested you start off with Normal STFs first. Elite STFs require a great deal of proper equipment, familiarity, and patience. If you don't know what you're doing, you're going to get you and your team wiped really easily. The "Easier" Elite STFs to see if your ready are either Khitomer Ground or Infected Space. Try to do these with people who know what they're doing.

If you're not sure what to expect from an STF, you should seriously consider reading these guides: (Primer Guide to STFs, must read for players new to STFs) (Guide to STF loot)
STF Sets

The M.A.C.O, Omega, and Honor Guard sets are special sets with Ground and Space sets. The M.A.C.O. set is Federation only, while the Honor Guard is Klingon only. The Omega set is universal. The Mark X and Mark XI can be bought with ECDs in addition to the special salvage loot. Mark XII pieces can only be unlocked with specific Salvage loot from Elite STFs.

Can now transwarp to mission from the mission log for a cost of Energy Credits.

Replaces Medals, Emblems, and any currency that isn't GPL or energy credits. Comes in two forms. Dilithium Ore is earned through missions and dailies. Ore must be refined (for lack of a better term) into Refined Dilithium to purchase anything. Refined Dilithium can also be used to trade for C-points through the Dilithium Exchange. To refine Dilithiun, open the inventory and click the Assets tab. You can refine a specific amount of Dilithium per day.
Patrol Revamp

Patrols are no longer given through a wrapper mission (Accept mission, go to x systems). Instead, they occur by simply entering the system. As long as your character is at or above the appropriate level, that patrol mission for any given system will be available. These missions do scale, so both the enemies and the loot they drop will be at your level. (i.e. doing a patrol you were supposed to do as a Lieutenant at Captain will have Captain level enemies and Captain level items drop).
For a list of systems, what to expect, and what level you need to reach to be able to do them, check here:
Event Calendar

Events happen every hour, some are daily, some are weekly. Some events grant bonus rewards for activities. Check the calendar in the Mission Log's Overview for details and times.
  • Borg Invasion of Defera: Occurs multiple times a week, check the calendar for dates and times. There are four areas to the event, the City, Dig Site, Power Plant, and Sphere. Each of these areas has five missions respectively, 2 easy, 2 medium, and 1 hard. The hard mission requires a team of 3 or more players, and grants pretty good loot. Also has a chance to drop Borg armature weapons, which are the weapons the Borg use. Players can also use the samples the Borg drop to craft items at the crafting vendor at the back of base camp. (General walk-through of the missions in the event)
  • Mirror Universe Incursion: PvE that is a miniSTF. Fight off the Terran Empire as they attempt to gain a foothold in this Universe. (One for each faction separately).
  • Academy Event: Mentor a Cadet to gather particle fragments. Fragments are exchangeable for Di-lithium ore in 15, 30 and 60 increments. You'll either have to fight a opposite faction enemy or have a 50/50 shot at earning a fragment. (One for each faction separately).
  • Tour the Universe: Travel to each of the sector blocks for Energy Credits, Trade and Exploration CXP.
  • UGC Event (Officer Reports): Do 3 foundry missions for Dilithium.
  • Crafting Event: Crafting requirements are halved during this event.
  • Lore Event: Earn double data chips from the Academies.
  • Multiphasic Event: Scanning Anomalies earn double the samples and increases the chance of getting rare traces.
  • Crystalline Entity Event: PvE that is a Mini-STF. Fight of a Crystalline entity for Dilithium. (you'll need to know what you're doing with your team in order to do this properly).
Crafting Update

To bring crafting in line with the new Dilithium system, more valuable items will require unreplicatable materials. They come in two flavors, common (10 D) and uncommon (1000 D). They can be bought from the General Merchant at Memory Alpha. Unreplicatables can be traded to other players.
Doff System

The Doff system is a way to gain experience without firing a single shot. Also boosts your combat performance in Space and Ground.
This is a pretty good primer for Doffs, even has links to other insightful Doffs.
New Gamma Quadrant Doff Missions (Marked in Brown) that require specific Gamma-Quadrant only traits like Resolve, Telekinesis, and Shroud. Gamma Quadrant Doffs can be aquired through the Gamma-Quadrant booster pack in the c-store or rare exchange missions offered after completing the respective race-Consulate chains.

Transwarp Menu
All transwarp abilities have been moved to a transwarp menu, which is on the mini map under the "Warp Out" Button at the top left of the mini map.

Featured Series: The 2800
Featured Series focused on the Dominion and the lost fleet that were supposed to reinforce the Dominion during the onset of the Dominion War during the brief occupation of DS9. Offers Shoud devices (temp ground cloaking consumables), Jem'Hadar space and ground sets, and free EV suit.
Episode I: Jem'Hadar Auto Rifle/Compression Pistol: Poleron weapons which can be buffed through consumable nano-modules. Replay the mission again for the crafting recipe or a pack of them. (Use the recipe on a ground map to unlock the recipe for crafting)
Episode II: Jem'Hadar Ground Armor. Replay the mission again for consumable shade generators which allow you to temporarily cloak on the ground.
Episode III: Jem'Hadar Deflector/ShieldPoleron Shuttle Beam Array
Episode IV: Jem'Hadar Ship Shield, Gamma Quadrant Doff Starter pack, Jem'Hadar Tactical Bridge Officer
Episode V: Jem'Hadar Personal Shield, Phased Poleron ship weaponry

STF Costume update:
Completing the Elite Optionals (much easier then it sounds, but you do need to have a group outfitted for it and who know what they're doing. And by know what they're doing, I means seriously know what they're doing and how the mission behaves, not know what they're doing from Normal difficulty) and having unlocked the Mark XII costumes unlocks Elite versions of the respective Mark XII costumes.

Dilithium Mining:
A new minigame that allows players to use the new EV suits to mine small amounts of dilithium per day (specific event boosts the dilithium yielded from this mission)

The Vault Raiding mission:
The chance to get the Reman Prototype set. Note this only happens for one hour during specific time slots, after which you'll have to wait for the next event to occur to make another go of it. You can fail if you don't finish within the set time limit in each room, so keep that in mind when going in (i.e. maybe you should read up on it first)

Caitian Hair
Caitian male and female each have new hair options.

Ferrasan C-Store Race (KDF)
The KDF version of Caitians. Essentially the same, except for a few cosmetic differences. (Buying the Ferrasan Race unlocks Caitian costume options)

Colony Invasion
(COMMING, it's on Tribble now)
Faction-Specific (both both sides get it) STF-esque 5 man missions. The goal is to protect the colony (or conquer it) from hordes of enemies from a random faction. There are optional objectives that can be taken, but must be completed within a time limit.

No-Win Scenario
(COMMING, it's on Tribble now)
Essentially a game of 5-man survival. Test your mettle with just you and your friends against an onslaught of enemy ships. It's a 10-wave game, with each wave becoming progressively harder (you aren't expected to hit wave 10, but it is possible to reach wave 10. No, you cannot change the conditions of the Scenario).

Account Wide Bank
Gold Players get an initial 10 slots to use. It can be expanded through the C-Store. From now on certain Items may be tagged with Bind to Account, meaning that you can transfer it to alternate characters through the bank. Currently bound items will not be able to be transferred through the bank at this time. You can also store EC through the account bank.

and more to come

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Season 6
Fleet Starbases...Season 6 Dev Blog 2

(Note that these ships are C-Store exclusives, so you'll have to pay C points for them)
(Unless noted, the consoles are universal, meaning they can be slotted into any department's console slot)

  • Oberth: Aux power buff console
  • NX: Grappler console (Kinetic Tractor beam)
  • Constitution: Scaling TOS Phasers
    Lieutenant Commander
  • Cruiser Refit: Cloaked ship homing torpedo console (modifies next torpedo attack to home in on a cloaked vessel. If none are available, it'll attack the nearest target. Does engine power setting damage. Console also boosts perception.)
  • Escort Refit: Combat Full Impulse console (allows ships to move at full impulse even when in combat for 5 sec. Togglable)
  • Science Refit: Holodecoy console (creates a decoy copy of the ship and boosts your stealth)
  • Heavy Advanced: Transwarp coil console (Allows for transwarp to the Klingon-front sectors, and some other boosts I can't remember off the top of my head)
  • Heavy Escort Refit: Point defense console (Independent AoE attack that deals extreme damage to fighters and torpedoes, or significant damage to frigates)
  • Advanced Research: Tachyon Detection Field (Boosts perception and cloak detection. Also a small passive bonus to science skills)
  • Exploration Refit: Antimatter Spread console (Causes all enemies within firing range to loose sight of you, Scrambles their sensors, and makes static appear on their screen)
  • Tactical Refit: Phaser Quad Cannons (Most damaging cannons in the game. Scale to your level, can only equip one on each individual ship)
  • Long Range Refit: Nadion Detonation Console (Upgrades photon torpedoes to produce a Photonic Shockwave upon impact to the enemy)
    Rear Admiral
  • Heavy Advanced Refit: Inherent sector-space transwarp capabilities (except to Klingon-front sectors)
  • Dreadnaught: Cloak console, Spinal phaser, can equip dual cannons
  • Advanced Research Refit: Tachyon Detection Grid (boosts perception and allows for ally cloak detection when close enough to other vessels. Also a slight passive bonus to science skills)
  • D'kyr: Launches a support craft which can heal and fight off torpedoes/fighters. Also unlocks the support craft which can be flown around.
    Vice Admiral
  • Exploration Retrofit: console that allows for saucer seperation.
  • Tactical Retrofit: cloak console (can only be used by Tactical, Tactical Refit, Tactical Retrofit, and Dreadnaught)
  • Multi-Vector Assault: Multi-vector assault console (allows Advanced Escort and Multi-Vector Assault Advanced Escorts to seperate into three separate ships with their own unique characteristics. Player commands one while pet AI command the other two)
  • Long Range Retrofit: Ablative Armor console (allows Long Range, Long Range Refit, and Long Range Retrofit to put on Ablative armor, increasing damage resistance by 90%, however it disabled all energy weapons and shields)
  • Odyssey Tactical: Aquarius Escort - Launches an Escort-type pet that attacks your target. Comes with Photon torpedoes and phaser quad cannons.
  • Odyssey Engineering: Chevron Seperation - Detaches the saucer, allowing the ship to move faster at the cost of hull and crew.
  • Odyssey Science: Workbees - Lauches a group of non-targetable healing pets which heal their assigned target when it drops below 50% health or so. Can be taken out by AoE attacks/effects (warp plasma, torpedo spread, warp core breaches, etc.)
(Gathering information, don't hold your breath though...)

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Borg Set

The Shield, Deflector and Engines are claimable for 5 ECDs each from Roxy at the DS9 STF vendor. Look under General Merchandise.
Assimilated Module is claimable as a reward from "Assimilated" on the Undine front.
  • Module
    +0.92% Critical Chance
    +9.2% Critical Severity
    +5 Weapon Power Setting
  • Shield (Regenerative)
    +5 Shield Power
    (10% Bleedthrough)
    273 Shield Regeneration every 6 seconds
    Reduces Plasma Damage to Shields by 15%
  • Deflectors
    +5 Auxiliary Power
  • Engines
    +5 Engine Power Setting
    While in sector space. This engine's Transwarp Coil increases your ship's maximum warp factor to 14. (Can increase further with points in "Driver Coil")
  • Set 2: Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer
    When receiving All Damage, 1% chance of applying Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer
    +52% Hit Points over 10 sec
    Reduces Damage to Hull by ??% for 10 sec
  • Set 3: Multi-Regenerative Shield Array
    When receiving All Damage, 2% chance of applying Multi-Regenerative Shield Array
    525 Shield Regeneration applied once to each facing
    2,475 Shield Regeneration over 10 sec to each facing
    Reduces Damage to Shields by 15% for 10 sec
  • Set 4: Assimilated Tractor Beam
    Toggle (10 max)
    Targets Foe
    5 kilometer Range
    0.83 sec activate
    4 min recharge
    to target: 35 Kinetic Damage (3.5 DPS)
    Reduces Turn Rate and Flight Speed for 10 sec
    to target: -1 All Power Settings
    Disables Cloak
    to self: After 3 sec, +1 All Power Settings
Each piece also adds a some Borgification to your ship. If you don't like the look, right click on the Borg piece and select "Disable Visuals" to turn off the Borgification
Aegis Set

Craftable, check R&D from the minimap dropdown menu to see the materials required.
  • Shield (Covariant)
    (10% Bleedthrough)
    +Shield Emitters
    +Shield Systems
    +Intertial Dampeners
    +Power Insulators
  • Deflector
    +5 Shield Power Setting
    +Shield Performance
    +Shield Systems
  • Engine
    +5% Defense
  • Set 2: Thoron Distortion Field
    While moving the Thoron Distortion Field will grant a +5% bonus defense by deceiving sensors into targeting duranium shadows.
  • Set 3: Reactive Shielding
    When your shields are hit, Reactive Shielding has a chance to activate, increasing the resistance to the incoming damage type (to the hull, has no effect on your shields) by 6% per stack count for a short time. Reactive shields stacks up to 5 times, and can resist against several damage types at once.
This set has a sort of Tron look to it. Your hull will glow with the shields, your engines will emit circular pulse trail, and the deflector will emit circular pulses from it. To disable any of these, right click the specific part and click "Disable Visuals"
Breen set
  • Shields (Resilient)
    +Starship Emitters
    +Starship Inertial Dapeners
    +Starship Graviton Generators
    +Starship Power Insulators
    Reduces Polaron Damage to Shields by 20%
  • Deflectors
    +Starship Sensors
    +Starship Structural Integrity
    +Starship Shield System
    +Starship Graviton Generators
    +Starship Particle Generator
    +Starship Subspace Decompiler
    +Starship Countermeasure Systems
  • Engines
  • Set 2: Superconducting Phase Channels
    +30% EPS
    +30 Starship Transphasic Projectiles
  • Set 3: Breen Energy Dissipator
    Targets Foe
    10 kilometer Range
    0.5 sec activate
    1 min 20 sec recharge
    to target: -9 All Power Settings for 11 sec
    to self: After 3 sec, +9 All Power Settings for 11 sec
There's only an engine trail vanity with this set. You can disable it like the other two the same way.
  • Shields(Resilient)
    (5% Absorption, 5% Bleedthrough)
    When receiving All Energy Damage, applies Power Conduit Link (Stacks)
    +1 All Power Settings for 10 sec
    Reduces Plasma Damage by 10%
  • Deflector
    +Starship Sensors
    +Starship Structural Integrity
    +Starship Shield System
    +Starship Graviton Generators
    +Starship Particle Generator
    +Starship Subspace Decompiler
    +Starship Countermeasure Systems
  • Engines
    +Starship Engine Performance
    Thrusters: 25% speed when engines are disabled
    Allows players to travel at warp 12 in Sector Space (in the works, will also increase with Driver Coil)
The deflector and engines have vanities. The shields also have a vanity which darkens the hull and changes the bussard collectors to an Whitish-orange tinge.
  • Deflector
    +Starship Shield Emitters
    +Starship Targeting Systems
    +Starship Flow Capacitors
    +Starship Stealth
    +Starship Particle Generator
  • Engine (Hyper-Impulse)
  • Shield
    When receiving All Energy Damage, applies Energy Wake
    +5 Flight Speed for 5 sec
    +100% Flight Turn Rate for 5 sec
    Reduces Plasma Damage to Shields by 10%
  • Set 2: Tetryon Glider
    Adds 0.72 Tetryon damage to energy weapon attacks (Shields only)
  • Set 3: Gravitic Anchor
    10 km range
    0.5 sec activation
    3 min recharge
    -4,557% flight turn rate for 5 secs
    Skills that affect this ability: Starship Graviton Generators
Klingon Honor Guard (Thanks to James_Bailey)
  • Deflector
    +Starship Shield Emitters
    +Starship Structural Integrity
    +Starship Shield System
    +Starship Electro-Plasma System
  • Engines
    +Starship Engine Performance
    Hot restart: Automatically removes engine disabled conditions after 1 second.
  • Shield (Covariant)
    +1,000 Stealth
    +10% Defense Bonus
    Reduces Plasma Damage to Shields by 10%
  • Set 2: Tactical Readiness
    +7 Auxiliary Power Setting
    +18 Able Crewmen resistance
    +18 Alive Crewmen resistance
  • Set 3: Mask Energy Field
    Affects Friend and Self
    5 kilometer Sphere
    0.5 sec activate
    3 min recharge
    to self: Applies Mask Energy Field for 18 sec
    Affects Friend and Self
    3 kilometer Sphere
    +2,265 Stealth
    +15% Defense Bonus, lingers for 5 seconds after dropping Stealth
  • Armor (Polyweave)
    +Physical Damage resistance
    +Kinetic Damage resistance
    +All Energy Damage resistance
    +Plasma Damage resistance
    +Health Regeneration
    +Shield Regeneration every 4 sec
  • Personal Shield Generator
    Reduces Plasma Damage to Shields by 20%
  • Weapon (Sniper)
    Bolt Burst
    Phaser Damage

    Phaser Damage x3
    2.5% chance: +2 Stun
    -50% Runspeed
    5% chance: Knocks back +10 meters
    2.5% chance: Knocks back all foes +5 feet in 8' radius
    15 Kinetic Damage vs Borg
    Sniper Shot
    Exploit Attack
    Phaser Damage and Knockback

    Phaser Damage
    50% chance: Knocks back +8 meters
    2.5% chance: +2 Stun for 2 sec
    -50% Runspeed for 6 sec
    5% chance: Knocks back +10 meters
    2.5% chance: Knocks back all foes +5 feet in a 8' radius
    15 Kinetic Damage vs Borg
  • Set 2: Emergency Shield Capacitor
    Targets Self
    30 sec recharge
    +8,505 Shield Regeneration
    Fixes Shield Offline debuffs for 3 sec
    Reduce Damage to shields by 18% for 30 sec
    Essentially a medium shield charge. Does not affect Hypo/Shield/Energy Cell cooldowns.
  • Set 3: Tactical Readiness Network
    +2.5 All Damage Resistance
    +100 Run Speed resistance
    +100 Confuse resistance
    When allies receive All Damage, 2% chance of applying 8 sec Expose to damage owner

    Integral Frequency Remodulator
    Targets Self
    0.5 sec activate
    15 sec recharge
    Overcomes Borg adaptation.
  • Armor (Energy Harness)
    +Physical Damage resistance
    +Kinetic Damage resistance
    +All Energy Damage
    +All Energy Damage resistance
    +Phaser Damage resistance
    +Disruptor Damage resistance
    +Plasma Damage resistance
    +Maximum Hit Points
  • Personal Shield Generator
    Chance to provide a 10% energy damage buff for 4 sec when you take damage.
  • Weapon (Full Auto)
    Bolt Burst
    Antiproton Damage

    Antiproton Damage x3 (106 DPS)
    15 Kinetic Damage vs Borg
    +2% Critical Chance
    +40 Crit Severity Bonus
    Full Auto Sweep
    Expose Attack
    Cone AoE Antiproton Damage

    Antiproton Damage x5 (14 DPS)
    15 Kinetic Damage vs Borg
    +2% Critical Chance
    +40 Crit Severity Bonus
  • Set 2: Distortion Field
    Targets Self
    30 sec recharge
    -100 All Energy Damage
    +470 Stealth for 10 sec
    Essentially a Stealth Module that can be used by any class.
  • Set 3: Team Ambush Field
    +25 All Damage Resistance to allies
    +100% Avoidance
    +2.5% Critical Chance
    +2.5% Critical Severity
  • Integral Frequency Remodulation
    Targets Self
    0.5 sec activate
    15 sec recharge
    Overcomes Borg adaptation.
Klingon Honor Guard
  • Armor (Physical Augmentation)
    +Physical Damage
    +Physical Damage resistance
    +Kinetic Damage resistance
    +All Energy Damage resistance
    +Maximum Hit Points
    When certain events occur, 7.5% chance of applying Adrenal Stimulator (max 2 times)
    +20 Hit Points
  • Personal Shield Generator
    Reduces Plasma Damage to Shields by 20%
    Chance to damage the attacker when you take damage. The stronger the attack, the more powerful the retaliation.
  • Weapon(Pulsewave)
    Pulsewave Setting
    Cylindrical AoE Disruptor Damage and Knockback

    Disruptor Damage
    Damage reduces over range
    50% chance: +6 Repel
    2.5% Chance: -10 All Damage resistance for 10 sec
    15 Kinetic Damage vs Borg
    Photon Grenade Launcher
    AoE damage and Knockback

    Kinetic Damage (50% Shield penetration; Damage reduces from epicenter)
    70% chance: Knocks back +6.4 feet
    15 Kinetic Damage vs Borg
  • Set 2: Adrenal Booster
    Targets Self
    30 sec recharge
    +304 Hit Points
    +40% Physical Melee Damage for 5 sec
    Removes holds and stuns for 3 sec
    Medium Hypo with a Melee buff. Does not affect Hypo/Shield/Energy Cell cooldowns.
  • Set 3: Blood of the Warrior
    +2.5% All Damage
    +0% All Damage

    Integral Frequency Remodulator
    Targets Self
    0.5 sec activate
    15 sec recharge
    Overcomes Borg adaptation.

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Really nice recap! I do hope that they “sticky this!
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good job on this so far.

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Ability to retrait your character

Might cause a bit of confusion. Should be "reskill"? I would love to be able to retrait some of my characters.

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