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Error: This program could not display the webpage
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Whenever I launch Star Trek Online, the launcher opens, but then I get the "Program could not display webpage" screen from Internet Explorer. I'm assuming the launcher runs on an IE shell, and it looks like it's unable to connect.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program.
The only recent change I made was installing Citrix on my machine. I've uninstalled it, and I'm still experiencing the issue.

Please help. As of right now I am unable to play the game.

I've attached an image of the error message.

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the launcher uses MSHTML which setting in IE can affect.
things like
1. if IE is set to work offline you will have problems with the launcher connecting
2. if display images is turn off will affect how the launcher looks.
3. If the seccurity setting of IE is set to high will prevent the launcher from connecting
4. corrupted IE cache can do strange things to the launcher
5. having autocomplete(auto form fill) can prevent you from entering your username and password.
6. If IE internet options connection tab lan setting is set to use a proxy will pervent the launcher from connecting.

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That's It!
I attempted to use Internet Explorer, and it was searching for a Proxy server. I restored the default settings, and now everything is working. Thanks!!

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