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USS Raven NCC-1989
Hey. I'd like to share with you a timeline of my ships History.
its what were the 1989 and 1989-A you ask? well here it is:
2245 – Constitution Class ship commanded by Captain Pearson is Commissioned. Built in San Francisco.

2250 – Captain Pearson takes the USS Raven into an unknown nebula, discovering the Caitians, a cat-like humanoid race.

2252 – Encounter with the Romulans. Captain Pearson is Killed. CO, Commander Hamlyn takes over. Ship is Badly Damaged.

2255 – Captain Hamlyn begins first 5 year mission.

2261 – USS Raven undergoes refit.

2263 – Captain Hamlyn begins second 5 year mission of space exploration.

2270 – USS Raven is discovered destroyed by USS Defiant after it didn’t return from its 5 year mission. (Location: Cardassian Space)

2290– Constellation Class ship by the name of USS Raven is launched. Commanded by Captain Stuart.

2290-2292 – First mission: Patrol Romulan Neutral Zone.

2293 – USS Raven attends the Khitomer Conference and acts as transport for Federation diplomats, including Curzon Dax.

2293 (stardate 9715.5) – USS Raven comes to the help of the USS Enterprise, after the Enterprise had lost warp power because of an energy ribbon.

2294 – USS Raven is part of a search team for the USS Jenolan, a ship taking Montgomery Scott to a retirement colony.

2295-2310 – USS Raven is assigned to Romulan Neutral Zone

2311 – Captain Stewart is Promoted to Admiral. Captain McGregory takes command.

2315 – USS Raven undergoes refit.

2316-2320 – Patrols Romulan Neutral Zone and Cardassian border

2321 – USS Raven returns to the site of the previous USS Raven’s wreckage site; encounters the war-like Cardassian race. Ship barely escapes intact.

2337 – USS Raven Participates in the Cardassian – Federation war. USS Raven is destroyed. Captain McGregory is taken prisoner and never seen again.

2345 – Excelsior-class USS Raven is built at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Commanded by Captain Reynolds.

2346 (stardate 23859.7) – USS Raven, among other ships, responds to the Khitomer attack by the Romulans.

2347-2354 – Explores uncharted territory along Romulan Neutral Zone

2355 – Brief stand-off with a Romulan warbird along Romulan Neutral Zone

2360 – First Refit of USS Raven. Now under the Command of Captain Grant

2361 – USS Raven aids Dr. Zimmerman in transporting materials and establishing his Holo-Programming Center

2362 – Aids in rescuing and transporting people from Setlik III (Setlik III massacre)

2364 – Part of a fleet to investigate the destruction of Federation and Romulan outposts (by the Borg) along Romulan Neutral Zone

2367 – Part of the Federation Earth defense force to fight the Borg Cube

2371 – USS Raven is part of a search party to look for the USS Voyager. Also part of task force to battle the Maquis.

2373 (Early) – Protects Earth against a second Borg invastion

2373 (late)-2375 – Is involved in the Dominion War as part of the Seventh Fleet

2374 – Part of the Battle of Chin’toka

2375 – Part of the Battle of Ricktor Prime

2379 – Part of fleet that greeted the USS Voyager back home

2384- Becomes part of task force that’s monitoring the deteriorating state of the Romulan Empire

2385 – Second Refit of USS Raven. Commanded by Captain Lee

2406 – Change of Command to Captain Nathan Perry

2408 – Encounters unknown race, badly damaged. Returns to Earth for repairs

2409 – Third Refit of USS Raven.
Tell me what you think!

** NOTE: i know that the Raven was 7 of 9's ship before she was assimilated but it doesn't have starfleet's NCC registry
** I also know that there were Raven ships in ST:Legacy and ST: Armada. Per the rules of Star Trek canon, I have also disregarded them

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