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Archived Post 01-13-2012 07:52 AM

any other download options ?
can anyone provide download link for the client ? i cannot download it via the downloader from download section, my internet provider block all pando media booster ports. thanks for any help.

Archived Post 01-14-2012 01:50 AM

STO doesn't seem to have any alternate method of client download to Pando at the moment. I've had to install Pando, get STO client, uninstall Pando and then do registry cleaning manually to remove all Pando traces so far.

It's weird that your ISP would filter out a whole range of port for a frequently used delivery software. More than likely, the traffic is blocked by your hardware router/modem/firewall or software firewall/security suite. If you are tech savvy and are willing to fiddle with your PC, here's what you can try at your own RISK: Once you install the Pando installer(the STO online installer will do it.) Do a registry search for "Pando" and look under global open ports branch for at least two Pando entries to find the port that your specific installation is using. The entries should be for UDP and TCP. (Pando ports vary depending on version, installation and what's available on your machine, but seem to stay above the 50K range.) Add the Pando related ports into your hardware/software's firewall/router/security suite's Access Control List (ACL), allow incoming and outgoing UDP and TCP traffic on those ports and you should be good to go. I would recommend that you restore your access control lists, remove Pando software and all of its related registry entries immediately after you get the full STO client. Until they get another download method up, this may be your only option.

*I do not speak for PWE or Cryptic support, please send in a support ticket instead if you are unsure about any of the above steps.
**When you uninstall Pando, the uninstaller does not remove the top tier program folders, bugsplat uptime tracker entries and global open ports entries in your registry as well as a misplaced "low rights elevation policy" set for Internet Explorer and/or Pando plugin for Firefox. (The firefox plugin will be disabled but not removed.)

Archived Post 01-14-2012 02:45 AM

the problem is i dont have any firewall software. net is provided with cable including TV. so basically i cannot get over it as going for any hardware firewalls or "global" firewalls programs used by my provider. i had already a lot of problems with some games but most of them had alternative download options. but yeah - some didnt have and i simply had to pass by. still hoping someone can help here.

Archived Post 01-14-2012 04:38 AM

One of the PWE support folks, darthpanda, posted in another thread that they MAY have a bit torrent link for it later, but direct file download pretty much won't happen.

If you still feel like giving Pando a try, your cable modem has an access control list, as does Window's own basic firewall. In addition, if you have any of your cable service's software installed, it may have an ACL as well.

Aside from that, you can always check search sites and hope that some kind soul will post the client on a binary newsgroup, direct file download service or create a BT seed. Though I don't know if downloading the client from a non-official source will be seen as a violation of ToS or if you should even trust the source.

Good Luck.

Archived Post 01-14-2012 06:32 AM

the controls for the modem are done by connecting with main server by a guy from the company who know passwords :P so basically i dont have access to them. gonna wait for any kind soul then :P

Archived Post 01-14-2012 09:10 AM

if you have problems with Pando you may also have problems with STO as it uses and must have the following ports unblocked and unfiltered tcp 7000-7500 . Which some ISP classify as p2p ports

Archived Post 01-14-2012 11:09 AM

I got my client with torrent but it seems the file no longer there but my torrent still seed the client, but i don't recommend this because i have launcher problem right now. You can check gamers hell, if they have torrent file or direct download.

Archived Post 01-15-2012 06:55 AM

Hi guys !
I'm new here and look forward to F2P !:)

But there is one problem :
Ever launcher wants a key to register the game !
As F2P player I will not have one of those !!!:(

Does somebody know something about it ?

Archived Post 01-15-2012 09:23 AM

wait 17th!

Archived Post 01-15-2012 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by avatar2388
Hi guys !
I'm new here and look forward to F2P !:)

But there is one problem :
Ever launcher wants a key to register the game !
As F2P player I will not have one of those !!!:(

Does somebody know something about it ?

The game is not FTP until the 17th. You cannot play unless you have a key until then.

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