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Archived Post 01-13-2012 09:14 AM

Want a sig that blends into the new forum style?
So, someone asked me how I got my signature to match the website, and got it up so quickly. The answer is simple.. too much time on my hands, and easily grabbed webpage graphics.

I told him that I would try to put together a little starter pack of templates for anyone looking to make similar signatures, and so.. here it is.

Example images here:

Fonts used in these photoshop files can be found here:
Get the templates: ZIP (182k) | RAR (154k)


According to the forum rules, signature images displayed on the forums must be no wider than 500px and no taller than 150px. They must be in JPG format, and they must be of a filesize no greater than 50k. If you're adding text , quotes, or text links to your signature.. be sure to reduce the size of any image you show, to account for the extra space used by the text.

Notes: These are not the font I used in my personal signature, but rather they are fonts that seem to closely resemble the text used on many pages of the website. I tried to emulate some of the gradient effects that appear in SOME of the headline text on some pages. This was not meant to be a comprehensive, exact duplicate of every text style found on the site, it's just something to get people started.

The font I used in my signature is called simply "Trek" and I'm afraid I don't know of a good source for this exact font. But it is just an upright version of the standard TOS title font, with a slight slant applied in photoshop. This font seems to be very similar, and may be the one I have, with a different name.

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